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5 Tips to coloring your hair

Most people with an intention of coloring their hair never truly know what is required of them. While some go to salons for the treatment, there are those that prefer doing it at home but don’t have a clue on how it should be done correctly. It is much more difficult for those who are coloring their hair for the first time and caution needs to be taken to avoid future hair loss and breakage. Here are some tips that you can take into consideration if you want to DIY your hair.

Test some hair strands

Pick out a few hair strands that you can color to test if the color that you have chosen complements your complexion and facial features. Take out the strands from a section of your head that is not visible such as behind the ears or at the back of your head and not your hairline. Follow the instructions provided; rinse it out with some shampoo and warm water, let it dry and then take a look at the overall look. The test enables you to see how you would look once you color your entire head.

Apply heat

Hair types are different, and while others pick up color faster, there are some that don’t. Extra heat is required in order to fasten the process, especially for those with thick hair. Use a hair dryer to blow out your hair enabling the color to penetrate deep into the hair roots and dry fast.

Check your skin tone

Your skin tone should be the number one guide to picking the right dye. Different brands and shades are available and factors like your current hair color, how light or thick your hair is, among other factors will determine how effective the dye will be. Don’t just pick out a color because the model on the package looks beautiful since their hair might be different. Pick one that suits your skin tone.

Purchase the necessary hair tools

 Getting the required tools for coloring your hair will prevent any mistakes from happening when coloring your hair. Tools to be used include plastic gloves to prevent discoloration of the fingers and fingernails, a dye brush for applying the color onto your hair, a conditioner for retaining any color that might run off while rinsing, a comb and petroleum jelly to control excess staining. The jelly can also be applied on your hands once you are through to soften them.

Prepare your hair earlier

You can apply hair mask all over your head 24 hours before the color is applied to hydrate and moisturize your hair. Setting up your hair earlier, 24 to 48 hours before applying the dye will enhance the effectiveness of the hair color. Another alternative is to apply the dye to hair that is a bit dirty which enables the color to penetrate and stick onto the hair strands well, providing a more permanent color change.

Always stick to the instructions provided on the dye box or sachet to ensure that you get your desired results.  However, removing hair color is also possible in case you miscalculate and color your hair the wrong way. Just pick out a remover that will work for you and restore your hair back to its healthy look.




  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    Some good things to remember for those of you coloring at home. You can end up with green hair like I did one time or something that has no relation to the color on the box. My advice is to always go one or two shades lighter than the box. It always comes out darker.