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How I Will Spend My Lottery Winnings in 2012


Every year I dream build about what I will do with all my lottery winnings and every year I come out a loser.  It isn’t so much that I do not have lady luck on my side as it is that I don’t buy lottery tickets.  You can’t win if you don’t play, right?  In 2012 I am going to change it all.  I am going to test out lady luck and I am going to dream big about what to do with my winnings.


My 5 Lottery Winning Purchases for 2012:


1. I am going to buy real estate properties.  I will be sure to use investment property advisers that will provide me with the best overseas property investment advice money can buy.  If Angelina and Brad can live all around the globe, why can’t I?  I’ve always wanted to travel…now I will travel AND make money.

2. I am going to give money to the poor and set up my own foundation who secretly donates money to families in need.  With the anonymous Kmart donating at Christmas this year going on it put me in the mood to give…I will be the new Mrs. Claus.

3.  I will pay off my student loans and other debt for me, hubby, and my sister.  This alone would make me one of the happiest people in the world….

4. Trust funds for my children are a no brainer.  I think everyone has this on their list.

5. New vehicles, but nothing too fancy.  Hubby gets a Ford F150, black, 4WD, with all the bells and whistles.

Believe it or not I don’t have big, wild, crazy dreams about how to spend my money.  I think charity, investing, and basic needs are all that are necessary.  What would you spend your lottery winnings on?


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  1. Such a nice text! Once I have dreamed about winning a lottery, and in my dream, I’ve spent all my money to presents for my family:) Actually I had been buying a car for my father (a jaguar) and he told me that it’s the best gift he ever got! And then I woke up…

  2. If ever I would win large amount of money in lottery , I’m going to start my own business for life, so that my children wouldn’t have a problem sooner or later.

  3. The only thing I’d do for myself personally would be to go to the famous dentist reconstruction specialist in CA. I have always wanted a nice smile and with 9 kids in our family growing up, I kind of lacked in that care.

    With 6 kids and now 6 grandkids, I’d make sure they all had the chance to go to school if they so choose.

    We’d step up our home just a bit, nothing really lavish but bigger than our small ranch and have a huge game room for our kids and their friends. Then later, build a small cabin on some land with a lake for kids to fish and have Sunday dinners on a huge porch. And winter in with my husband, cozy by the fire; him reading hunting and fishing magazines and me novels. And I’d beat his patootie in a game of pool and toast him every single night by moonlight looking out some expansive skylights. (course that would be about 10 years off, as we still have three at home)

    We’d take ALL of our family, parents and brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, kids and grandkids on vacation somewhere special…not necessarily a hot spot but just somewhere that all the families can relax and play and have a ball!

    Lastly, invest also in real estate for our future. I say this lastly, because if my kids and grandkids are taken care of first, and we can have FUN with it, I would not ask for much in later years…I’d be so happy and fulfilled already.:)

    • Wow Eileen, you definitely have it figured out and with great detail. I love the idea of the small cabin and dental work. I’ll have to add those to my list…lol.

  4. Pay someone to read the hundreds of emails I get everyday?????

    Seriously, I’d…

    Buy a large piece of property up on the Yukon River in Alaska.

    Build a house on it.

    Buy a SnoCat – with a serious heater.

    Buy the ‘bush plane’ I’ve always wanted – either a Cessna 210 Turbo Centurion on floats or a Bell 406 Jet “Long” Ranger helicopter…

    Live subsistence.

    The rest would go into a foundation and towards my niece’s education…

    Money doesn’t really do that much for me…

    • I think I would definitely hire someone to read my email too! I like the idea of having a home in Alaska – I could eat Salmon Skin Hand Rolls everyday….

  5. I’ll be spending it by purchasing my dream house and realizing my around the world vacation. But of course, I won’t forget to share some to other families who are financially in need.

    • Funny James, my mom emailed me and asked why I didn’t give her anything…I told her it was just understood. Family always gets taken care of.

  6. I can’t imagine myself winning a big pot in a lottery. I don’t know how to spend it in a way that it will not be miss manage. Lots of individual who cant manage it.

  7. It is funny, if I am so lucky to win the lottery, what I wold like to do? It is always my great dream, but do not make it ture :). So I would have helped my parents finish their dream firstly and then helped others who need.

  8. Yea its always nice to dream about these things..what if I would… but then you have to wake up, thats the part i dont like :/

  9. Amy S. Bonilla says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Honestly I’m not a lottery fan woman. But if I have a chance to have that big money First I will buy my long dream! The Yamaha Motif X6. Well after that I have never planed yet 🙂 lol!