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Women Fashion Workout Trends For Spring Summer 2014

Women Fashion Workout Trends For Spring Summer 2014


Trends in spring/summer fashion lines are bleeding steadily into fitness apparel.

Fashionable activewear sales are booming and it has less to do with getting in shape and more with workout gear becoming an acceptable daily wear.

Don’t believe these claims? There’s unarguable evidence to support these statements.

Trefis says the global sports apparel market, including women’s activewear, will grow to $178 billion in the next 5 years. And in 2013, sales of women’s activewear alone increased to $11.5 billion, a 9 percent increase from the previous year, according to NPD, a market research firm. It’s expected to rise at a similar pace in the foreseeable future as more consumers start accepting activewear as every day wear.

Marshal Cohen from NDP told Souring Journal Online that American consumers are flaunting activewear everywhere; it’s seen in the workplace, at the gym and after the gym. It’s also becoming a go to item to wear at the last-minute or when running an errand. It’s acceptable when robes and pajamas don’t cut it. Women are buying it for a lifestyle rather than for working out.

This spring/summer’s bumper crop of activewear is already hitting the racks: they’re all fashion-forward pieces you’ll want to wear for sweating in style as the sun comes out. Here are some of the top trends for the season:

Mesh inlays

For busy woman wanting to look cool effortlessly while going from cardio to conference rooms, urban-chic collection from designers like Denise Lee are available with mesh inlays, neoprene, and edgy prints.

A lot of focus is on fit this season, so you can expect details such as power mesh integrated into waistlines to enhance compression, and back zippers with sports bras, so the wearers can actually get out of them when they’re sweaty with ease.

Long sleeve mocks

Workout clothes for women are trending in bold color mock tops have gone beyond the periphery to a mainstay in the world of fashion, as exercisers look for gear that performs as well as communicates. These tops are coming in fabrics that let you twist and turn for a more satisfying range of motion.

Women’s collection from Tommie Cooper provide tops infused with copper fabric and ergonomic stitching for a perfect balance of performance and comfort. These fabrics also provide skin health benefits including UPF 50+ ratings for UV rays protection and anti-odor protection. The consumers wearing long sleeve mock compression tops will feel dry and cool, so they will be able to enjoy the comfortable layer for any type of activity (outdoors or indoors).

Cut outs and zippers

When it comes to fashionable active wear, cut-outs are common for promoting sexy detail, yet at the same time they don’t reveal too much. This is common in exercise tops, which may or may not have a mesh insert. Instead of basic T-shits, you’ll find T-shirts with cut-out backs in the spring/summer 2014 collections. Sports bras can therefore go underneath the back.

Zippers detail designs are also trending as both functional and stylish workout fashionable ensemble. Zippered leggings and tops, for example, can accommodate your workout gadgets such as MP3 players, while exposed zippers on sport bras can promote edginess, as well as assist you in getting out of it after exercise.

Retro runners

Stylish retro running shoes are becoming an essential in women’s workout fashion; the footwear is allowing them to dress up or down effortlessly. The new styles are made by foundations accommodated by silhouettes, offering a practical option that is different from the usual Nike running blazers.

The runners will add a cool vintage look and sporty feel to any outfit you decide to pair them up with. The shoes include a breathable mesh upper to keep your foot cool and a cushioned midsole for transforming shocks from impact into energy runs that keeps you moving at full throttle.

Fitness jumpsuits

Fitness jumpsuits are ideal for yoga exercise, and dance classes. The new trends are so versatile that you won’t take them off; and you’re fully able to wear them throughout the day because the dri-fit materials used in new styles keep you feeling comfortable. The new styles range from digital patterned prints to floral patterns.

Workout jumpsuits are tailored for durability, style and comfort, using performance enhancing fabrics that shape the body with firmness, giving greater support to the muscles and joints during physical activity. There are varieties of jumpsuit colors to choose from, so they seamlessly become a part of your spring/summer wardrobe.