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Top Luxury Man Cave Essentials

Top Luxury Man Cave Essentials

Man Cave Essentials

Every man needs his Batcave, his Fortress of Solitude; a place to hide away from the pressures of the world of work, pursue hobbies and interests, and generally relax in a quiet and refined atmosphere. Or perhaps your man cave is a place to invite the guys around to spend an evening playing video games or watching sport while unwinding with a few beers. Whatever you use your man cave for, there’s a few accessories and essentials no man should be without.

Dressing gown

Hugh Hefner, the original playboy, is famed for his signature red smoking jacket and iconic robe. Even when you’re alone, the clothes you wear still matter, so it’s time to ditch that grubby t-shirt and those flannel sweatpants. Get yourself a top quality dressing gown from New & Lingwood Tailored Shirts – these can range from handsome robes made from brushed cotton, to rich and lustrous cashmere, to the top-of-the-range finest silk and wool gowns.

Entertainment system

There’s no shame in enjoying some quality television time or video gaming in your man cave, but if you’re not careful, cheap consumer electronics can stick out like a sore thumb. Rather than a cheap grey plastic TV set, why not install a mirror that turns into a TV when you switch it on? Choose a sleek modern frame and install it on your wall – no one will even know it’s there until you point it out.

If you’re a gamer, you’ll know that some games consoles are more suited for display than others. If your favorite console doesn’t quite match the décor you’re looking for, feel free to hide it away in a cabinet – just be sure to leave lots of space and ventilation to prevent over-heating. If you prefer PC games, you might want to consider moving your rig to a high-end PC case so that it looks fantastic even when switched off.

Cigars and alcohol

The gentlemanly connotations of these twin vices – fine liquor and cigars – will help to add a touch of refined 1960s Mad Men-style class to your room. If you drink, your favorite brandy or whisky – either in the original bottle or a decanter – can be combined with an empty glass by the side to create an atmosphere of luxury and class.

Even if you don’t smoke, an empty antique cigar box, made from cedar or mahogany, can look great as a prop on a desk or cabinet – you can find these at vintage stores and on the internet quite inexpensively.