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The Cowfish Burger & Sushi Bar

This post was sponsored by The Cowfish Sushi and Burger Bar.

The Cowfish Burger & Sushi Bar at Universal Citywalk

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I love burgers and I love sushi but never before have I been able to enjoy both under the same roof. At The Cowfish you can enjoy the delicious fusion of both burgers and sushi in the world’s first Sushi Burger Bar! We were delighted to attend the official grand opening and thoroughly enjoyed a sampling of the menu and drinks. We met the geniuses behind the operation and the talent that will keep it running and expect nothing short of success.

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The Cowfish is a perfect place for both sushi lovers and novices alike. Even if you don’t like sushi there are plenty of cooked options for you. The burger sushi or Bergushi as they call it is absolutely delicious and cooked perfectly. Best part is it looks like sushi and is even made into a roll so you can fit right in with the rest of the people in your party that are eating the real thing! The burger options are perfect for anyone who hasn’t worked up their nerve yet as well as sushi lovers looking to mix it up a bit!

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All of the sushi is some of the freshest you can find and they have everything from nigiri to sashimi. We tried just about everything on the menu and were especially impressed with the freshness and creativity of the sushi chefs. When you’ve eaten at as many sushi places as we have you can be hard to please. The Cowfish was unlike any restaurant we have ever had the pleasure of visiting.

There are many options for seating with both indoor and outdoor options. The Cowfish is a great place to bring large parties and upstairs you can enjoy a spectacular view of Universal Citywalk.

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I must have spent thirty minutes eyeballing the cowfish in the aquarium. That fish is the coolest! I ended up walking away with several blurry pictures of the elusive little guy as he swum around enjoying his fish food. I did manage to capture him on video!

If you are looking to try something new this is definitely the place for you. Everything on the menu is reasonably priced, the drinks are great, and the service is excellent! Next time you find yourself around Universal Citywalk get your Bergushi on!!!

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