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Mother’s Day Gifts of Love

Mother’s Day Gifts of Love

This is the time of the year that so many people do their version (no matter how big or small) of the annual “Spring Cleaning” tradition. This is not something that I look forward to getting started, but once I do get going there usually is no holding me back, just pitch in or move out of the way and we will get along just fine. There is so much to be done inside and out so even on the worst spring weather days that are often rain filled, there is much to do inside. Of course when we have the wonderful warm and sunny days that we all live for, all winter long, there are plenty of other energy and time consuming tasks to tackle everywhere you turn.

Spring time is just a really busy time of the year for the majority of people all across the world. A time to shed the winter blues and enjoy all the beauty that Mother Nature provides us during this popular season of the year. So far we can’t complain much about the weather, but before we know it the summer heat will be bearing down upon us and air conditioning will be a must and we will all be looking for ways to get out of the heat in any way we possibly can.

Mom Necklace

Today I took the opportunity to clean up my bedroom dresser that has several jewelry boxes that I go through from time to time to enjoy the memories of these treasured pieces. Naturally the gifts from your kids are the most treasured and the hardest to part with when trying to weed out some of the unused and unnecessary pieces to make room for newer pieces.

After all, Mother’s Day is fast approaching and there just might be a couple of pretty CZ heart necklaces or some trendy bracelets that find their way into some decorated gift boxes and put beside my dinner plate when the family takes me out to eat at my favorite restaurant that evening!

When I was talking with my kids last night about the upcoming Mother’s Day plans, (which restaurant we wanted to go to and what time to leave to get there) we started to talk about the history of Mother’s Day. We got so interested in that topic that we took the time to take a look online. We learned that a West Virginia woman named Anna Jarvis, was the driving force behind this woman’s movement. Back in 1908 she founded Mothers’ Day Work Clubs in five cities in an attempt to improve sanitary and health conditions to reduce infant mortality. According to the National Geographic website we were reading, she became extremely upset how the celebrations of this important day had become very commercialized. Right around the 1920s she spent most of the rest of her life fighting to restore the holiday to the way she intended it to be from the very start. She ended up penniless and died in a mental health sanatorium.

Guest post by Becky W.