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JustFly Goes Swimming with Piglets in the Bahamas

Young pig on a spring green grass

The old and popular adynaton has always been “when pigs can fly”, but what happens when they can swim? A recent travel trend has emerged from the Bahamas, and it’s one that travellers all over the world are excited about! On the archipelago of Exuma Cays in the Bahamas, you’ll find just that! JustFly reviews how you can swim with these adorable, amphibious piggies on the famous Pig Beach in the Bahamas!

The Exuma cays are among one of the most pristinely preserved natural archipelagos in the Bahamas; there are almost 350 islands in the Exuma and cover about 120-miles. No one is absolutely sure how the pigs ended up on the archipelago: some believe that they survived a shipwreck and swam to shore, others say that the pigs escaped a nearby islet and decided to play claim to the beaches for themselves. Whatever the case, these wild pigs are now a huge tourist attraction to the Bahamas due to their oddities according to JustFly. The pigs typically reside in the Big Major Cay, which is an uninhabited island, except for the little pigs that call this place home. This strange attraction has brought millions of visitors to the island to enjoy a day swimming with the little pigs on the warm and sandy beaches of the Bahamas.

Despite being feral, the pigs are exceptionally friendly towards tourists; they run to greet visitors, hoping to grab a little treat for their enthusiasm! The pigs are also known to swim up to visiting boats or yachts in the hopes of being fed by tourists.

In recent years, Pig Beach has become a major tourist attraction to the Exuma area of the Bahamas. There are plenty of tours and excursions made available for tourists to visit Pig Beach, and many major hotels have capitalized on the trend. Tours typically last anywhere between 2 hours to a full-day excursion, allowing guests the opportunity to tour the untouched caves and uninhabited beaches of the Exuma.

Guests can get up close and personal with the swimming pigs who joyfully paddle their way out to the tourists. Cuddle, pet and feed the little pigs at your leisure, but be sure to keep your fingers out of their mouths! You can visit the pigs year-round, but depending on which islands you visit, there may or may not be little piglets waiting and wading in the water to greet you!