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Your best guide to fitness equipment purchase

group of gym people exercising on cardio machines

With the increasing number of health-conscious people, the rate of gym memberships have increased, joggers parks have become crowded, dieticians get countless patients these days and above all the sale of fitness equipment is on a steady rise. Of all the methods mentioned, the most economical and useful in the long run would be to purchase the right fitness equipment and set up your gym; however the first thought that should strike you in this case is that if you are serious and committed to this kind of long term fitness regime. Buying a horizon elliptical one beautiful morning will not change the scenario if you are not well educated about using fitness machines and their benefits.
Why would you opt to buy fitness equipment?
There are numerous reasons to buy such fitness machines and here are some of the prominent ones –
• You wish to set up a commercial gym and also use it for personal purpose.
• You do not have time to hit a gym every morning, but are an ardent fitness believer and prefer setting up a dedicated gym zone in your home.
• You have family members who would prefer exercising at home, and the members would be using all the fitness machines to its best whenever possible.
• Paying gym membership bills or popping up weight loss supplements are both expensive and not desirable; instead, the healthy way of exercising with one-time investment sounds economical.
These are reasons enough that would make you urge for home fitness equipment; however before buying them make sure you have done your part of ground homework very well as there are big brands and bigger advertisements to sell the products, but you just need to bring home the ones that would be used in long run and would benefit your body.
Points to remember while you buy fitness equipment –
From proform treadmills and trampolines to the free weights, you can buy a large selection of exercise and fitness equipment with ease from online and retail stores. Before the purchase, consult a physical trainer and know the right methods and patterns of exercising so that you don’t end up buying any unnecessary item. Some questions that should strike you while making the deal are as follows –
1. Who will use these?
2. How will these equipment be beneficial?
3. How much space will they take?
4. What are the specific limitations of each of the equipment?
5. What can be the approximate life of the products?
6. From where to buy – online or retail and the pros and cons of each
7. All details mentioned in the warranty card
8. What is the maintenance regime?
9. Per day how many hours of usage can be estimated?
10. Which spare parts to keep handy and where to get them?
Apart from these above factors, you also need to know which fitness equipment are needed to start up a basic home gym. If you are a professional body builder, of course, the set of machines would be different, but for a basic fitness purpose home gym, you need to buy an electrical treadmill, elliptical trainer, steppers, weights, exercise bikes, etc.

Written by Samantha Waites