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Welcome CBS Better Mornings Atlanta Viewers

I just wanted to say thanks for watching me today on CBS Better Mornings Atlanta!   Not sure if you could tell by the show or not, but I have been having a lot of pain lately due to some feminine issues and couldn’t drive myself to Atlanta today.  Thanks to my hubby for taking the time to drive me and for putting up with all my doctor appointments surrounding the show today.  Anyway, to my new fans –  I hope you will continue coming to Life with Lisa.  I would love to get to know you better.  I’m going to post later this week and give you a chance to win a T-Fal ActiFry just like the one I featured today.  Check back soon!


  1. Mary Ambrosino says:

    You were a trooper. Nice to see you on CBS. Hope you ae feeling better soon.

  2. Never heard of this before, I am just wondering what is this CBS, can you please explain?

  3. I wish I could watch the video – congrats to you!

  4. I never heard this, I wish I could watch it..