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Confidence Tricks: How to Become a More Confident Woman

You know who she is. She’s that one-of-a-kind woman who strides into a room and makes every head turn. She may not be the prettiest, thinnest, or the most well-dressed girl in the room, but the confidence she exudes far outweighs anything as trivial as that. If you wish to be a more self-assured woman, read on. We’ve got a few tips and tricks to share.
Perfectly Imperfect and proud of it

You don’t have to have a perfectly toned and trim body. Just be proud of the one you’ve got. When you celebrate your physical quirks, those oddball assets may become your best features. Embrace what you’ve got and forget about your shortcomings, recommend esteem experts at MindBodyGreen magazine. Live your authentic life, and don’t try to be anyone but your own bodacious self.

Ask yourself empowering questions every day, and watch your self-confidence rise. Instead of asking yourself things like, “Why do bad things happen to me?” ask a more positive question like, “What do I feel good about today?” Find a grain of gratitude in every situation, and your life is sure to be more confident and less dramatic.

Imagine your personal best

Develop and practice your own unique preparation rituals. It’s a trick utilized by the world’s best thinkers, speakers, lawyers, and actors of all time. A ritual, no matter how small, can get you revved up and inspired for the big event that is your daily life. Envision yourself succeeding at the task before you and make it happen in your mind. Before you know it, your well-imagined fantasies can be as real as you want them to be. A pre-game ritual can set your mind up for success. The more you repeat success in your mind, the more it will happen in your reality.

Spend time alone and love it. When you find yourself with me time on your hands, use it well. Indulge in some pampering treats such as an up-to-your-neck bubble bath or an extra hour of yoga stretching. Nothing says confidence more than a woman who cherishes time to herself. When you love to hang out with yourself, you exude a charm that makes others wish to know you, too. Use alone time to realign with your core values and to get in touch with your dreams and visions for the future.

Improve what you can

Physical perfection is not a realistic goal for anyone. You can, however, make positive changes that boost your self-confidence. If you wish you were blessed with a more feminine figure, a subtle breast enlargement procedure may boost your confidence in and out of the boudoir. Invest in some pretty lingerie and greet your most special sweetheart in style. Wait at least three weeks after your augmentation to go bra shopping, because it will take about that long for your implants to settle into position and for post-surgical swelling to go down. Once the waiting time is over, enjoy a confidence-boosting trip to your favorite lingerie outfitter and indulge in a few over-the-top frilly things that make you feel good every time you wear them.

Breast implants, also known as augmentation mammoplasty, can enhance self-image and boost self-confidence, explains Mayo Clinic. Augmentation may be done to help a woman regain her pre-pregnancy figure or to correct an uneven chest size. As long as the woman has realistic goals in mind, breast enhancement surgery can enact plentiful positive changes in her personal and professional life.

Dress for success

A great outfit can be a wonderful confidence booster. The sort of look you go for depends on the appropriateness of the situation. For an intimate evening at home, opt for slinky silk stockings and marabou slippers. If you aspire to a confident day at the office, wear one wonderful secret item underneath a perfectly tailored business suit. Never skimp on shoes, but always choose an understated pair that’s comfortable to wear all day. Playing dress up can be a first class confidence raiser, advise ego experts at SheKnows blog.

Do a good deed that nobody knows about and smile no matter how rotten your day. Be sure to smile with your whole face, because a phony grin that doesn’t crinkle your eyes is barely worth making. Skip a pricey cup of designer coffee and mail a check for the same amount to your local animal rescue shelter. You’ll feel good and that good feeling is sure to emanate to the people around you.

Aimee Miller writes inspirational articles for women no matter what stage they are at in their lives. Her words appear on inspirational/motivational blogs, self-help sites as well as women’s lifestyle blogs.


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    Terricic article. There is nothing like confidence and it stays with you forever.