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Best Alternatives to Paleo Diet

Paleo Diet envisages eating only a special set of products, which were consumed by our ancestors. Therefore, the diet is also known as stone age or Paleolithic diet program. The ration of the program includes unprocessed products and excludes certain foods such as grains, potatoes, salt, dairy products, sugar, processed oils, coffee, etc. You can consume fruits, nuts, vegetables, organ meat and roots. In fact, your meal should resemble the meal of a caveman.

This is a rather doubtful program, since many people may have issues with digestive system, which is not used to consume such foods. In addition, the weight loss effects are also quite arguable.

Due to the limit for many usual products rich in calcium, fiber, protein, nutrients and other vitamins, there is a necessity of supplementary consumption of these ingredients.

The main issue with the Paleo Diet is that it is difficult to follow. You will have to limit your ration strictly while visiting some social events. There are no comprehensive studies, which would prove or confute the efficiency of this diet program. Therefore, it is recommended to pay your attention to its alternatives.

18 Shake Diet

18 Shake is a meal replacement product, which was recognized the best in 2017. It is not a diet program, however this supplement is highly recommended to consume for the weight loss purposes. The shake is rich in whey protein, which is considered of the best quality.

In addition, 18 Shake contains natural components such as natural cocoa, digestive resistant maltodextrin, stevia extract, xanthan gum, copper chelate, zinc citrate and many others.

The products has no side effects or other health issues due to its contents. The consumers note the positive effects in losing weight as well as other favorable health effects. Despite the numerous natural ingredient including the high amount of quality protein, the price of 18 Shake is $59.99 only. In addition, you can get the 18 Shake Diet Program, which provides instructions of the best use of this supplement, as well as other foods.

High Protein Diet

This diet program is used for both muscle building and losing weight. The diet includes various options, all of which focus on high protein consumption. I.e., you have to eat rich in protein products such as pork, whey protein, seafood, nuts, poultry, eggs, seeds and others. So, you create your ration mostly on your own, therefore, the cost of such diet varies in accordance with the chosen products.

The High Protein Diet provides satisfying results in losing weight. It is also an advantage that your ration is always different due to the various combinations of foods. The diet consumers note positive effects and that it is not difficult to follow.

Dukan Diet

Dukan Diet is another program focused on high protein. The program includes 4 stages with a special ration for each of them. The Dukan Diet envisages no supplements and lay emphasis on cooking own foods. Many customers’ feedbacks show the weak performance and possible side effects such as headaches, hair loss, low blood pressure. Besides, the diet provides the reduction of carbohydrates, which causes the decrease of energy.