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Your Guide to Finding a Look That Makes You Feel Alive in 2020

With 2019 quickly winding down, you may be thinking of ways to become your best self in 2020. One of the most effective ways to boost confidence and improve your style is to create a fresh, new look that makes you feel vibrant. Fortunately, developing a trendy, eye-catching look does not have to be difficult or expensive. The most stylish women do not always spend a lot of money on their hair, makeup, and accessories. However, there are some basic rules that true fashionistas of all ages follow religiously.

Trendy women invest in wardrobe pieces that flatter them. They avoid impulsive shopping jaunts and toss out anything that doesn’t work and take very good care of clothing and accessories. The final touch to a sparkling new look is trendy hair and makeup styles that bring out your best features.

Create Your Personal Uniform

If you study the world’s most stylish women, you will notice they each create a defining look. In short, well-dressed women have personal uniforms. That does not mean they buy a dozen pairs of the same shoes or 15 identical shirts in the same colour. They simply stick to styles that flatter them.

Once you find your best look, dressing well is much simpler and so is shopping. For example, you might find that one or two stores stock most of the pieces that make up your look. If you visit a favourite store’s website and don’t see an item you want, it is easy to use their online contact us option to get more information about availability.

Start Building a Capsule Wardrobe

According to Harper’s Bazaar fashion experts, a small, carefully chosen wardrobe is all you need to look good at all times. The key is to make smart buying decisions. Buy only what you need and stick to pieces that make you feel your best. In fact, you can create a capsule wardrobe with just 15 pieces. Per fashion gurus, must-own items should include a white shirt, flattering trench coat, good leather bag, and a basic black dress.

Your closet should also include a good-looking watch, the perfect jeans, a pair of court shoes, a trouser suit, and timeless jewellery like gold hoop earrings. Every stylish woman also needs a classic camel coat, plain white sneakers, a leather jacket, a Breton top, strappy sandals, and a cashmere knit top.

Buy Things You Can Use More Than Once

As tempting as it is to splurge on the absolutely ideal dress for a special occasion, try to resist. Clothing that women buy just for events like weddings, parties, and class reunions almost never get worn again. Every clothing purchase should be an item you can wear again and again. It is best to wear a classic piece instead of something trendy. You can use accessories to change the look of a timeless, simple, well-fitted black dress and give it a new look for every occasion.

Research New Brands That Suit You

If you want to stay trendy, you will need to unleash your inner explorer. Keeping your wardrobe small and basic does not mean settling for outdated styles. Make it a point to watch runway trends and look for new brands at your favourite stores. Companies are constantly coming onto the scene and, as long as new styles are your style, they can add freshness to your look.

A good example is a Vogue article showcasing 2020 looks that include basic sweaters in delicious, on-trend colours like lemon, cobalt, and emerald. But don’t confine your search to clothing. You might want to try a new handbag brand. For instance, the well-structured crossbody is still a must-have accessory for 2020 and a variety of designers offer fresh versions.

When You Buy Something New Also Toss Something Out

Regardless of how much you like the things you own, the best way to avoid a style rut is to give or throw away something every time you buy a new item. You could even make a profit if you sell a quality piece. There are several excellent websites that accept and sell gently used clothing on consignment. The one-thing-in, one-thing-out rule can also build your fashion confidence. You are more likely to make smart buying decisions if you know purchases must replace something else.

Invest In the Clothes You Already Own

Well-made clothing and accessories are investments, so it is wise to take care of them. Instead of throwing out a damaged piece of clothing, a pair of shoes, or even jewellery, find out if it can be saved. Locate a good seamstress who can repair clothing. There are also handbag restoration experts who will refurbish quality handbags. And, yes, it is still possible to find shoemakers who can breathe new life into the beloved Manolo Blahniks you bought at a bargain price.

Play With 2020 Makeup and Hair Trends

Of course, updating your look is about more than just clothes. You can also add space by adopting some of the 2020s hair and makeup trends. While next year’s sparkly eyes might not be appropriate for your daily life, the smoky eye is also back and looks good on everybody. In fact, both sparkly and smoky eyes are perfect for New Year’s Eve. Spring, 2020 looks also include hair trends.

One of the hottest new styles is classic braids worn in a variety of ways. For instance, runway models at recent fashion shows have sported loose braids with tiny pearl stickers. Easy-to-create slick braids laced with invisible oil also made an appearance. Luckily, the popular, flattering messy bun is still favourite and very on-trend for the coming year.

One of the best ways to add sizzle to your new year is to create a stylish personal look. Fortunately, you can add sparkle to your style just by deciding on a personal style and then building a wardrobe of essential, flattering pieces. Updating your look also means exploring new brands and managing wardrobe size by throwing out one item when you add a new one. Make the most of your investment in clothing and accessories by keeping belongings in good repair. And, of course, a fresh new look deserves updated, on-trend hair and makeup.


  1. Mary A Ambrosino says

    Rules to live by. I have followed this advice for years. Timeless fashion with a trendy twist. Beautiful hair.