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Windows 10 Upgrade Your World #UpgradeYourWorld

It is a fact that Windows was creatively designed and developed to help individuals to do great and awesome things. Whether inspiring a 3D creation, enabling the next generation farming, fighting hunger, saving the environment and creating great opportunities for the youth, Windows is creatively built for you. In line with this, they want to solemnly celebrate organizations and people who do amazing things and at the same time make a huge different every single day. They want to empower and inspire people in different parts of the world to not just upgrade Windows but also to upgrade the world. This opportunity is one of a kind and it is true to the mission of our company and to the passion they share to make a big difference in the lives of our valued clients. In the present year, they strive hard and work together to make the most significant upgrades.


Celebrating Save the Children

Apart from this, Microsoft supports Save the Children. Sung Thi Kim is a professional preschool educator in a farming village in Vietnam. The place is an area where most residents don’t have supply of electricity and water. This is one of the reasons why going to school is one of their common problems. Sung Thi Kim visits her students to entice them to be present at preschool and at the same time she checks if her students done their assignments.

Sung Thi Kim empowers other people by joining her way to be certain that her young students can have brighter future and learn important things that they can use in fulfilling their goals in life. Sung Thi Kim is one of the volunteers and staffs who strive hard to successfully fulfill the global mission of Save the Children. The organization provides help to almost 166 million young children in over 120 countries. Aside from this, they also provide disaster relief, education, protection, health and a lot more. It is true the every kid truly deserves a strong beginning but many children in different parts of the globe are not getting this chance.

Microsoft is very proud to partner with Save the Children to completely and successfully invest in childhood. They provide children with quality preschool, early learning and books that they need to succeed in life. You will have a great chance to transform how the future of a child unfolds. They are also supporting nonprofits who are improving their world in United States, United Kingdom, Mexico, Kenya, Japan, India, Germany, France, China and Australia.

How #UpgradeYourWorld Works?

If you want to vote for nonprofit, you can vote once a day per social platform. In connection with this, you are enticed to invite your social networks to join to immediately increase the odds of your chosen nonprofit. The first 5 global nonprofits were selected by Microsoft. Each address has consistent record of creating significant change in your region. The five winning nonprofits will be the organizations that acquire the most votes and completed the legal requirements. If you want to know and learn more about Windows 10 Upgrade Your World, please feel free to visit this website http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/upgradeyourworld.

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