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When You’re Lost: Career Coaching Can Be Your Answer

With the economy the way it is right now there are so many people unemployed.  I can remember when underemployment was an issue, now people are just glad to have an income.  Unfortunately since there are so many people who are out of work many unemployed are being forced into making career changes in order to find work.  Using a Career Coach can be the answer for those who are looking, but Career Coaches are also utilized by those who are currently working and striving to either move up in their career or gain more insight on how to become valuable enough to their current employer to stay employed.

What is Career Coaching

Career Coaching is also known as job coaching and the goal of coaching to help people find the right career or to help them grow in their current career.  Continued growth in one’s career is very important today and it is equally important to help those who are not working to find the right career as they re-enter the workforce or make changes to their careers.

Career coaching can involve life coaching as well as self-esteem and other types of counseling.  There is a huge interconnection between people’s life goals and career goals and exploring both areas is very important.  Sessions may involve discussing personal and business strengths and weaknesses, likes/dislikes, and more.

If you are looking for a Career Coach be sure to check references and find the right fit for you.  It is important that you can be honest and comfortable with your coach.  It should also be noted that coaches should possess an advanced degree.

If you are looking for an Atlanta Career Coach (or other location) you can find more by clicking here.

Have you ever used a Career Coach?