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What’s The Most Money You Ever Won?

My girlfriend Patty and I used to play bingo at least once a week when we were in our 20s.  Weird that single, young woman would do that on a weekend, but the alternative was spending time with your crappy boyfriends. Yes, bingo was much more fun. We would play at the VFW on Monday and Wednesday, the Catholic Church on Tuesday, and every once in a while we would go big time to the Indian reservation casino.  As time went by we ended up getting rid of Todd and Todd (our boyfriends had the same first name) and unfortunately we drifted away from each other and bingo as well.

About 15 years ago I went back home to visit Patty and we decided to go back to an Indian reservation to play bingo.  It had been a really long time since I played but I think I played 12 cards (at once) and she played 12.  We decided we had a better chance of winning if we played as a team and we would split winnings 50/50.   Well, as the night wore on we were getting pretty bummed because neither of us had one a penny.  There were probably at least 500 people playing so it really wasn’t a surprise.

As the night ended we prepared for the last game.  It was a full card jackpot that paid out $5,000.  You have to fill your entire card in order to win the jackpot of $5,000. Yep, you guessed it…I won! I totally freaked out. I was screaming with excitement and shaking with joy. Good to my word, I split the pot with Patty and we walked away with $2,500 each.  We also made a lot of elderly men and women really mad.

Well, years went by and Patty and I finally got together again this past year. We talked about our single days and laughed about how much time we had spent playing bingo. Unfortunately, neither of us know where to go for bingo now that we have moved to the South.

I need to find a bingo parlor in Georgia. Got any ideas?  Want to join me in a game of Bingo?  Let’s go and maybe I will see you there! You may just hear me yell…

B I N G O ! ! !
Have you ever won?


  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    I want to take you with me because I am the unluckiest bingo player ever. I even had my bingo equipment repossessed right along with my daughter’s car. Talk about unlucky.

  2. Vickie Couturier says

    I havent won much on bingo,but several years ago,I love to play sweepstakes an contest that are free to play,I won a Hummer,,an they let me have the cash value of 37,000 I kept out what I thought the taxes would be an finished paying off my house!

  3. Jennifer W. says

    I’d love to go to bingo with you! Let me know when you find someplace! When I lived in NY, I went at least twice a month to the Turning Stone Casino to play bingo. I won $2,000 once. I won smaller amounts, but that was the largest.

  4. Many people who plays bingo expect that they win, I never tried winning, i hope that someday I will.