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What Movember Means To Me

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Lennox as part of the Movember awareness campaign.

Lennox Movember

If you read the article earlier about our little “Mo Bro” and the annual Movember awareness campaign sponsored by The Movember Foundation then you already know that each year men all around the country grow moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness about men’s health issues.  As I mentioned the goal of Movember is to “change the face of men’s health” and to talk about topics such as depression in men, prostate cancer, and other male cancers and associated charities. The ultimate goal is to reduce unnecessary deaths due to lack of awareness. During the month of November men are reminded to go for their annual check-ups but also to be aware of their family’s history of cancer and to start living a healthier lifestyle if they aren’t already.

What I didn’t share is that my grandfather died of cancer. It was a horrible thing to witness and a terrible thing to see someone I loved and cared about suffer. Fortunately it was relatively quick and he didn’t have to suffer for years like some people do with cancer. I miss him everyday. Thinking that if I had been aware of Movember back then we might have detected his cancer before it claimed his life makes me even more determined to spread the word. If one life is saved because I tweeted or shared a blog post about Movember then I’m happy.

My grandfather was an incredible man. He was soft spoken, God loving, thoughtful, and hardworking. He wasn’t, however, a person who went in for annual check-ups. I’ve learned from the mistakes of my grandfather and because I want to be around to enjoy my grandchildren I’m very diligent about my own health and lifestyle choices.  I also try to support companies like Lennox who is working in partnership with Movember and their social campaign #LennoxMovember donates $2 to men’s health issues for every social share created involving one of their social channels? For example:

For every content share/RT on the Lennox Facebook page and Twitter page during the month of November, Lennox will donate $2 to men’s health issues. On Instagram, for every like or comment, Lennox will donate $2 as well. Please note that only those engagements on the Lennox FB, Twitter or Instagram page will count.


My grandfather died of lung cancer and I quit smoking shortly thereafter. It is my responsibility to “Tell a Guy I Know” that smoking increases the risk of lung cancer by 20 times!

During November Lennox shares great information on their social channels about men’s health issues. Please be sure to follow along and “Tell a guy you know”!


Get involved and learn more!