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What Is Your Online Addiction? Poker, Bingo, Forums? Do Tell

I used to be such a huge bingo fan growing up.  My friend and I used to play all the time and if you remember I once won $5,000 at a casino in NY.  However, when I moved to Georgia I stopped playing bingo, partly because I didn’t have anyone to go with but mostly because I couldn’t find any place to play.  Now there are tons of online bingo places.  They are huge in the UK, but unfortunately our government has made playing illegal (as they consider it gambling).

Now, before you start laughing at me for being an “old lady” I thought I would let you know that in other countries the typical bingo player isn’t necessarily a senior citizen in a retirement home.  In fact in the UK online bingo is a huge deal for women between the ages of 20 and 25.  According to Wikipedia over 3 million people play online bingo in the UK.  That’s pretty impressive! Maybe I should move to the UK….

So, what is your online addiction?  Do you play poker or bingo? Facebook games?


  1. BEJEWELED!!!!!!

    It requires the Chrome browser to play online on a Mac…

    I, also, have it on iPhone; iPod Touch; iPad; and MacBook Pro!!!