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What is Iraq Like Today?

Since the year 2003, the country of Iraq has been damaged almost beyond repair. It has been ravaged by unending cycles of warfare, people getting displaced and no longer having a home, crisis after crises, sectarianism that continues to tear the country and its people apart, and a long campaign that has been meant to get ISIS out of the part of the country that it has had complete control over.

Iraqi dinar

The latest dinar was issued in 2003. Since then the dinar has started going up in value and people have been able to invest in it and making money off of it. Before you invest in the Iraqi dinar, you should do your own in-depth research into dinar recaps and news, so that you, a new dinar guru, can stay current about when to invest and how much to invest when you do. There are six places to look at where you can get the latest news and recaps in the dinar; these places include the

  • Treasury Vault
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  • Trading Economics
  • Iraqi News
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  • Central Bank of Iraq News

The dinar is gaining more value, and people continue investing in it which is starting to help the country’s financial status improve bit by bit.

What challenges are preventing change?

Even after military forces technically defeated ISIS, severe challenges have continued to tear the country apart and made it hard for it to have any semblance of normalcy within the country. There are still issues such as political issues, sectarian, conflicts among tribes, extremism, and regional rivalries that make it nearly impossible for the country to be completely whole again.

How they are beginning to work towards change

Despite all of these challenges that are going on in the country, Iraqis have worked incredibly hard in trying to make some progress in their government and make and approve a new constitution to make their elections successful. This also sets up the government for having an elected parliament and provincial government. It is crucial that they keep looking for ways to strengthen their governance, find ways to beat corruption and reform their economic policies in order to create and maintain stability within the country for a long period of time.

What USIP is doing

USIP, which is short for the U.S. Institute of Peace, has worked in Iraq since 2003 to strengthen the existing institutions and communities. They have also worked to teach them how to mitigate and resolve conflicts within the government and among one another without resorting to violence. USIP partnered with SANAD and NIF which has helped halt violent feuds, save lives, and stabilize communities once again.

Support for conflict-affected women and youth

There have been local initiatives going on that are attempting to prevent women and children from being used for radical purposes. USIP works with these local initiatives to help reintegrate the women and children into society and make sure they have a chance at a better life.

Reconciling the law in Anbar and Basra

USIP is working on pushing initiatives based on research and training methods that are working on addressing community-based issues. USP wants to help resolve violence before it begins and is working to stabilize the country by encouraging dialogues and helping communication improve so that they do not have to continue resorting to violence. USIP is also working with local Iraqi leaders to help broaden the practices within the tribes so as to promote peace and strengthen state institutions.

Life after ISIS

Iraqi lawmakers gratefully acknowledge the fact that the country is beginning to gain more stability since the military defeated ISIS and ran them out. However, if the country does not gain much-needed assistance from international aides, without them also trying to meddle in politics, then the stability will not be long-lasting. They will continue to need help when it comes to rebuilding their economy and the life of everyday people. The country of Iraq has started to take the steps that it needs to make for life to get better there. Women and children are receiving the help they need, the government is working on big changes, and intercultural relationships are starting to get better. However, there is a lot of work left to be done.

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