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What Does Your Cologne Say About You?

The cologne of a man creates more of an impression than most of us imagine or even realize because scents impact the human brain both consciously and subconsciously. In other words, the perfume or cologne a man is wearing says a lot about him, as you will find out next.


Fougére is French for fern and it’s one of the classic perfume categories for men in particular. Fougére variants often resemble the aroma of a pine forest, but the other hints vary with the particular product in question. It’s the scent of the rugged, outdoorsy man who likes camping, hiking and doesn’t mind chopping the wood for a campfire.


A unique seafaring fragrance that reminds one of the beach and a day on the yacht is perfect for men who love the waters. Whether you are a surfer, a beach man, a diver, or just a rich playboy with his own yacht, the ozone-salt scent will let people know that you and water are old and familiar friends.


A mix of subtlety and complexity, aromatic fragrances are perfect for the modern man with the stylized beard and the man bun. Artists, designers and other creative professionals should definitely try the herbal notes. Aromatic scents are part of a lifestyle that’s carefully careless by choice.


It’s hard to dislike the smell of fresh citrus in the morning when the energy is flowing, or when it seems to be going down towards the end of the day. The citrus notes are for energetic, athletic men who exuberate liveliness everywhere they go and lead an overall active, fun lifestyle. It’s also a safe perfume for men in a casual, social setting, but particularly suited for the extroverts who don’t mind getting the spotlight on themselves.


Just like fern notes give an impression that you are a rugged, outdoor man, woody notes are reminiscent of the classic gentleman who is always well dressed, properly groomed and as classy as they come. Woody fragrances are at times called the scent of success and that’s because powerful men and business leaders often prefer the fragrance over others.


That subtle, suede or Tuscan note is for men with a different kind of ruggedness in them; one that concerns wearing a leather jacket, leather boots and riding across the country in a Harley like a lone wolf. Of course, you don’t necessarily have to be in a motorcycle club to enjoy the leather family of fragrances, but it’s definitely representative of the on-the-road culture.

Now that you have an idea of what means what, it is important to not fall for the knockoffs of popular perfumes found all over the world these days. Check out the variety of Maple Prime’s cologne for men to not only find the best products in each fragrance family but also to buy with a guarantee of authenticity.

Do keep in mind that all men are not one-dimensional, so a biker can also be an avid camper, while a successful gentleman probably loves to enjoy the sea on his yacht on the weekends. Therefore, a lot depends on the mood and the impression that you are trying to set. This is why it’s a good idea to have a bit of something for every occasion.