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What Are You Liable for When You Rent a Limo

Limousines are elegant cars and some are even exotic forms of luxury SUVs such as an Escalade or a Navigator. Limo companies, such as price 4 limo, have several models and designs in their fleet, but they all share some characteristics. For instance, they all have an extended body, have a partition between the driver and passenger compartments, and they are all sophisticated. The type of limo you hire depends on some factors such as the occasion, number of passengers, and the amenities you want to enjoy. Some limos are perfect for weddings, business trips, and others are excellent for parties. When you hire a limo, you expect more than just moving from one point to another. Limo services go the extra mile in treating you like a VIP. However, you also have your part to play. Read on to discover what you are liable for when you rent a limo. 

  1. Planning. Do not expect the limo company to plan the trip for you. Limousine services are currently top-rated, and they make several trips per week. As such, they have a lot of passengers to satisfy and numerous routes to keep track of. Ensure that you make your reservation in advance. Provide all the detailed information such as the type of vehicle you want, stops, destination, and other special requests. 
  2. Trash. Depending on your occasion, a limo company may allow you to bring food and drinks into the vehicle. Limo companies do not allow underage drinking. If you are drinking in the limo, remember to drink responsibly. Vomiting in the car can turn the trip from glamourous to awful. Most people often forget about disposing of trash when they are having a good time. Limo companies will charge you an extra fee for any excessive mess. You can avoid these charges by removing your trash at the end of the event. 
  3. Damage. In case you or anyone in your party damages the interior or exterior of the vehicle, you will be liable for all costs incurred to repair the damage. If you or any person in your party behave in a manner that can cause damage to the vehicle or is intoxicated before, after, or while on the road, the company has the right to terminate your reservation. The law also allows the company to evict you from the vehicle if you behave in such a manner. If this happens, the company will not refund you. 
  4. Safety. All limo companies have a strict no smoking policy. Failure to adhere to this policy can result in the termination of your reservation without any refund. You are also liable for any damage caused as a consequence of failing to adhere to the policy. You are also required to wear a seat belt. In case the law imposes a fine against the chauffeur or the company as a consequence of you failing to wear a seat belt, you will compensate the limo company. The limo company can also terminate your reservation if you or a member of your party takes any illegal substance or partakes any unlawful activity while in the vehicle. 

Make sure you that comply with all the rules and regulations of your limo company to avoid any conflict with the law. 



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