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Westin Cape Coral New Kids Club – Exclusive Media Weekend

Westin Cape Coral New Kids Club – Exclusive Media Weekend

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Our vacations usually fall into two categories: Vacations WITH the kids and vacations WITHOUT the kids. While most of our travel plans include our children we still like to get away from time to time to recharge our “love batteries”. Unfortunately, leaving the kids behind is hardly ever the best option for us and is usually a total pain in the buttocks for us and whatever poor soul gets stuck babysitting.

What if I told you I knew of a vacation destination where you can bring the kids, but still enjoy a night out on the town for just the two of you? The new Kids Club at Westin Cape Coral Resort at Marina Village makes it possible for couples to spend some much needed quality time together minus the “bad parenting guilt” we seem to experience when we go off and leave the “young’uns” behind.

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I know what you are thinking. What kind of parent drops their kids off at daycare while they go off on a romantic escapade? Well, the Kids Club is much more than a childcare facility. The Kids Club is not a place for kids to “do time” like you would expect. The Kids Club is more of an interactive experience. Each day children can choose from a list of previously planned activities, weather permitting of course, which gives the place more of a “camp-like” feel as compared to what our 10 year old described as the “prison-esque” feel of your typical facility.

The Kids Club is more than just a childcare facility. The Kids Club is an adventure that begins the moment your children enter the Discovery Room. While at the Kids Club there is never a shortage of stuff to do and the bright bubbly attitudes and unrelenting enthusiasm of their carefully selected associates is sure to penetrate the facade of the most stubborn, uncooperative little sourpuss.

Our youngest wanted nothing to do with Kids Club when he figured out what was going on, but as soon as we came through the door it’s like their employees knew just what to do. They welcome every child with open arms and go a great job making every kid feel special. I’ve never seen such quality interaction in a childcare facility before. They made our little guy feel like he actually belonged through the warmest of welcomes and consistent age appropriate interaction.

We could hardly keep our little man from talking about what he did at Kids Club each day. The “teachers” as he called them “actually played with me” and “they listen to me”, he said. He absolutely gobbled up all the attention he got which made us feel like some world class parents despite our pounding hangovers. Whoever hand picks these people deserves a raise! Keep doing what you are doing!

While we enjoyed relaxing on the water taxi, window shopping, great eats, drinking and hanging out with Manatees, our son was also enjoying bike rides, painting, geo cashing, exploring nature trails, butterfly gardens and the like. With all the healthy food options available there is really nothing at all to worry about. You can enjoy yourself fully and let it all hang out knowing that your children are under the supervision of CPR and First Aid Certified child care professionals!

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During your stay be sure to take the water taxi to Fort Myers Beach! The waters seemed to be teeming with Manatees. We saw more manatees on our two Water Taxi trips than we had previously seen in a lifetime. There must have been 15 Manatees of varying sizes! While nobody can guarantee you “spot one”, based on our experience I think it’s a pretty safe bet!

The Westin Cape Coral Resort at Marina Village is located within the prestigious Tarpon Point community overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, the Caloosahatchee River and San Carlos Bay, which make it a prime location for fishing and water sports. Shop ‘til you drop on the boardwalk amidst some of the most beautiful yachts and water craft!

The rooms are impressively large and fully equipped!  Our room came with a dishwasher, full size fridge, microwave and even your very own washer and dryer with lots of places to sit and relax! The view overlooking the bay during sunset was unforgettable!

The Westin Cape Coral Resort at Marina Village is jam packed with family friendly features and offers, something for everyone. Where else can you enjoy a lagoon style outdoor pool, the beach, a full service marina with water sports, bike rentals, clay tennis courts, sight-seeing cruises, world class fishing, relaxing bench style swings, world class childcare and kayak rentals? There is nowhere quite like this, that is for sure!

If it’s time for a romantic escape put The Westin Cape Coral Resort at Marina Village at the top of the list! Rekindle the romance, enjoy a dinner at Marker 92 while ensuring your kids have the time of their life!

Disclosure: Our trip was sponsored by The Westin.  Our opinions are our own.


  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    It sounds like a perfect vacation spot.

  2. Margaret Smith says

    I’d love to try the Strawberry Cheesecake Supreme

  3. Stephanie V. says

    Asparagus, Boston Lettuce and Orange Salad – going to try this week – yum!