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Welch’s Harvest Grant Winners Announced

Those of you who remember last October when I posted about the Welch’s Harvest Grants applications for your child’s school?  Well they announced the winners this month and I hope one of my reader’s submissions won. Nearly 7,000 teachers submitted an application for a Welch’s Harvest Grant this year! I know it sounds like a lot, but I hope next year we can double this amount.  Out of the submissions one hundred schools were selected to receive their choice of a customized indoor or outdoor garden package filled with a variety of tools, seeds, educational materials, and more.

The winners include Doris Henderson Newcomers School, Sonoma Charter School, PS107, Goldsboro Elementary, Louise A. Conley Elementary, and 95 others.

Just because winners have been announced doesn’t mean there aren’t some great resources available to you through the program.  Check out the Gardens in Action Forum featuring great teacher resources, student activities, books, and other helpful information.  Did you know that the benefits of gardening affect all areas of learning in children?  If you wonder what it adds to your child’s curriculum think about these key points:


  • dyes
  • natural art drawings
  • painting

Social Studies

  • environmental issues
  • agricultural economy
  • teamwork & leadership


  • estimating & measuring
  • growth time
  • graphing


  • feeding others
  • nutrition education

Disclosure: This is a compensated sponsored post.  The information is true and I fully believe in the program.  My opinions are my own.


  1. I love this program, and really hope they run it again so I can enter!

  2. Any company that runs a program like this is A+ in my book. I know, that was goofy but I couldn’t refuse!
    I wish my daughter’s school would win something like this!

  3. That is so cool, Lisa. I love seeing companies that do good things and helping out schools is a great thing!

  4. Awesome program! I’ll have to share Gardens in Action with my daughter’s teacher. Congrats to the winners!

  5. What a worthwhile campaign! I hope one of your readers made the winner’s list. 🙂

  6. Charlotte Varner says

    Wow awesomet their helping kids out like this!! This is a big relief for many families!! Awesome company!

  7. I think this is really neat!!

  8. Fantastic news! Great grants!

  9. so awesome!!