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Ways International Students Can Improve Conversational English

Challenges facing International students is one of the most controversial essay topics. Mastering the English language is one of the biggest problems that international students in the US have to overcome. Despite most international students finding it easier to read and write in English, most students find out their conversance with English is not sufficient to guarantee them a comfortable stay in the US college setting. This article provides tips that most international students can adopt for easy settling in US colleges.
Practice before arriving.
According to Mai-LinhBui international students can enhance they English skills by practicing speaking before joining American colleges. To her, practicing English is more enjoyable when one is no under pressure to pass an English on TOEFL. Students can, therefore, use they summers to practicing English using activities such translating English songs or novels.

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Befriending American students.
The mistake that most students do is befriending and spending time with students from their native countries. Such acts make these international students pick up social and cultural cues that make them rigid thus pushing them from being conversant with the English language. Practice makes perfect and the more they interact with American students, the more they become conversant with English.

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Learn from American friends.
By telling an American friend that you want to master English, he or she would enable you to improve you English communication skills. American friends are in a better position to correct foreigners in instances where they misuse idioms or mispronounce words thus allowing them to learn and master English faster.

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Expand your knowledge.
International students can expand their knowledge by keeping themselves updated with current news, reading books and novels, as well as watching movies and popular shows. Exposing yourself to topics that are mostly discussed in conversations gives international students a better chance of understanding what people are talking about as well as a chance to express themselves appropriately.
Tutoring in American colleges.
Tutoring requires in-depth research and explaining. Explaining something to people gives you the motivation to pronounce everything as much better as you can. It also equips one with various ways of explaining different things. International students who become tutors in American colleges speak English fluently since they have grown a habit of finding alternative ways to explain things and express themselves.

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