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Want to Earn Money as an Independent Contractor? Here Are 5 Proven Handyman Business Models for You to Consider

It doesn’t matter what field you enter – you must operate within a particular business model. But don’t let that make you feel as though you’re trapped in a box; you can invent this model yourself and see how it works.

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Or, you can take advantage of one of the many profitable models others have tested for you. Something as seemingly simple as becoming a handyman comes with nearly half a dozen model options. Which one is right for your new career as an independent contractor?

  1. The List Crusher

Nothing attracts busy, frenzied people better than a promise that you will take care of their entire to-do list. This type of handyman may see themselves taking care of a wide variety of tasks at a time. For instance, you may power wash a deck, hang some curtains, repair a fence, and repaint some doors all on one job. It’s perfect for those without a specialty or a long handyman resume.

  1. The One-Stop Shop

Are you certified and experienced in many different areas? For instance, are you an electrical contractor who is also pretty good at carpentry? If so, you might be what every homeowner is looking for: a true Jack of All Trades. Make sure you have handyman business insurance and get all of the appliance repair, rewiring, and decking jobs you can handle.

  1. The Side Hustler

If you already have a job or two, you don’t want to bite off more than you can chew with your new handyman business. If you’re working nine to five elsewhere, reserve any handyman jobs you accept for evenings and weekends. This can end up working out perfectly, as a lot of homeowners want to be present during the job.

  1. The Niche Specialist

If you have a skill you’re particularly good at and don’t want to buy a whole range of tools you’ll only use occasionally, position yourself as an expert in one area. For instance, if you’re fond of cleaning chimneys, make this your selling point. Exterior window cleaning is also a handy skill that many are looking for. Have a pressure washer or a set of tools for detailing cars? Both of these are skills you can, in fact, build an entire small business around.

  1. The Discerning Helping Hand

A lot of independent contractors pride themselves on accepting anything and everything that comes their way. But others like to keep things enjoyable and flexible by choosing only those jobs that pay the best and are tasks they actually have the desire to do. In these cases, it’s good to team up with another handyman you can recommend for those jobs you turn down, just so you aren’t burning all of those bridges.

If you want to be a handyman, don’t assume that you have to do it all. You can specialize in one useful trade, or take care of a range of lighter tasks. You can take on every job possible, or select only those you like that are available at particular times. When you take a realistic look at your schedule, goals, and skills, you can choose the right handyman business model for you.


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