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Vaping Etiquette: How to Avoid Awkward Social Situations While Vaping

Vaporizing is a relatively recent invention, so it’s no wonder people aren’t sure when and where it’s acceptable to vape. What are the unspoken rules in your neighborhood? Here’s what we found out about when, where, and how to vape while following the rules of manners and good social etiquette.

Glamor shots of stars enjoying a vape

These days, everyone knows that analog cigarettes are over. Besides being outrageously expensive, real cigs make your hair smell bad and leave a distasteful flavor on your lips. Maybe that’s why starlets including Katy Perry, Cara Delevingne, and Sarah Silverman are constantly seen with a vaporizer close at hand.

Vogue magazine reported that Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio goes everywhere with his trusty electronic cigarette. The handsome thespian’s been spied puffing on his vape on the beach at Saint Barth’s and indoors at the Screen Actors Guild awards. Which brings us to the question is it ever alright to vape indoors? If so, where can you enjoy a smooth hit of water vapor without offending anyone else?

It’s your choice

To vape or not to vape is a new option of social etiquette. Because the art of vaping is so new, there are no classic manners to follow regarding public enjoyment of the same. Before it became illegal in many states, people were welcomed to light up in restaurants, parks, at the beach, and even on airplanes. Now that you are not allowed to puff a tobacco cigarette in such places, are e-cigs alright? The answer is yes and no.

When you consider the fact that there are currently millions of people who use vape devices, it’s easy to understand why some sort of vape etiquette needs to be established. Although it’s not quite mainstream, most people already agree that vaping is not as publicly offensive as lighting up a cigar around other folks. Actually, some flavored vapes smell pretty good. Still, vaping where it causes distraction or brings all attention on oneself is probably not a great idea, notes BBC News.

The respected news agency looked to a number of vape fans for answers. Most agree that vaping in an enclosed space such as a car or an elevator is a social faux pas. Using a vape at a job interview is generally frowned upon as is vaping in someone else’s home without permission. These rules apply no matter what you inhale with your vape.

Puff politely, please

While not as stinky as tobacco, vape devices can emit a fragrance that some people find distasteful. For this reason, always ask before using your vape pen or e-cig. If you wish to try a new flavor that someone has, ask for a bit in your own device and never ask to use someone else’s mouthpiece. Even among friends, this can be considered a rather dodgy request.

If you someone who wishes to vape, there are polite ways to go about doing so. First, browse a selection of vaping devices to suit your fancy. Read about how and where to use your new vape at a smart vaporizer site like Vaporizerblog. Here you will find a wealth of savvy info about the new art of vaping.

Don’t puff your vape in a restaurant, unless there are clearly other patrons freely enjoying an after-dinner vape. Never blow your vapor into anyone’s face. People don’t appreciate it, and it’s a waste of good vape material. Don’t vape on a plane, on a bus, or on a railroad or subway train. Most of these places offer designated smoking zones, so be sure to make your way to that location when you desire a tasty vape.

Puff in peace

Of course, Miss Manners weighs in on the vape controversy in her own inimitable way. The etiquette experts remind readers that until the 20th century, smoking was not a part of polite society. Yes, men smoked, but they did so away from the presence of ladies. Many men even kept special jackets just for smoking. This polite habit may have protected their clothes from lingering tobacco aromas. In the ‘Roaring Twenties,’ many sassy females adopted the habit of cigarette smoking. For a while, doctors and professors and Hollywood movie stars boasted their favorite brand and smoked in public at will. Once the dangers of tobacco use became evident, cigarettes lost much of their appeal.

Vaping is an adult choice. If you decide to use a vape pen or e-cig, be smart and enjoy your puffs politely. You will be satisfied without irking the people around you.

Callum Marsh took up vaping around 18 months ago. He’s now clued up about the equipment choices and the etiquette and is sharing his knowledge in his articles for other vapers just starting out.


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