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Twitter Party September 10th at 3pm ET #MamasFamilyDVD

Disclosure: I have been hired as a paid co-host for this party.

#MamasFamilyDVD Tues., September 10, 3pm ET


I remember watching Mama’s Family with my grandmother while we ate dinner on TV trays when I was in school.  I love it when things remind me of my grandmother and this show sure triggers memories for me.  I loved how Thelma Harper told it like it was and the running gag comedy always kept you laughing.  Laughing sure is something missed in television nowadays.  Wouldn’t you agree?

Who: Join @TimeLifeUS, @lisasamples, and @TaraMetBlog
When: Tuesday, Sept. 10th at 3pm ET
What: #MamasFamilyDVD Twitter Party
Where: On Twitter – we recommend using TweetDeck, Twubs or TChat.io
Why: Remember the show? Well now you can watch your favorite episodes and relive life with Mama on DVD.

Prizes: Costco Gift Cards & DVDs


  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    One of my favorite shows from back then. Loved Tim Conway too.

  2. Jennifer Essad says

    Hi – I’ll be there 🙂 @4jlessad – can’t wait – guess who I’m watching now on Kathie Lee and Hoda – Vicki Lawrence 🙂

  3. Tweet with you then!

  4. Stephanie Bodine says

    Rsvp @Bodinesteph

  5. Looking forward to the party. Loved Mamas Family!
    @sweetsaver_68 or @sweetsaver_68ja