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Twenty Questions: Staying Connected with HP Envy 23 #HPFamilyTime

As part of a program through HP our family was given an HP Envy 23 but not only were we given anHP Envy 23 but my mom (Mary) and step-dad were given one as well so that we could have #HPFamilyTime even though they are in NY and we live in FL.  My mother is 72 years old and although she would probably disagree and then laugh, she is not the most computer savvy person in the world.  I gave her instructions to download Skype so that we could start a new family tradition….20 questions.

Twenty Questions: Staying Connected with HP Envy 23 #HPFamilyTime

There is one thing that I wish I could change and that is video taping my grandma when she was alive.  I wish I had the technology twenty years ago that we have today and could have Skyped with her whenever I was missing her or just wanted to talk.  Fortunately for my children they don’t ever have to worry about not knowing their grandma and poppy and sharing in their life is as easy as booting up the HP Envy 23 and turning on Skype.  Once a week my son gets to Skype chat from Orlando, Florida to Upstate NY with his grandma.  It’s a blessing and a great way for them to get to know each other.  Last month they decided to play 20 questions, but first James took some time to create a picture online using Fresh Paint.

Poppy has never used a computer program like Skype before so he kind of had fun…you can tell he took the call very seriously with his grandson.  James worships his Poppy for sure.  The small clip below shows part of the call but the best part of their Twenty Questions wasn’t caught on tape.  It was the part where James asked his grandma why her house was so cluttered.  I swear I spit coffee out my nose.  Kids say the funniest things!

Thank you to HP for allowing my family to have quality time across the miles.  Without your kindness and incredible products my son might never have had opportunities like this to get to know his grandparents.  We will forever be an HP family!


  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    Very nicely done and HP is a great company. Very innovative and what a treat to Skype with that handsome boy.