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Our Trip to Brevard Zoo #flaspacecoast

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by the Space Coast Office of Tourism. We were provided a sampling of the area activities and hotel accommodations in exchange for sharing our honest opinion about the area.

Our Trip to Brevard Zoo #flaspacecoast

Hingeback   (2 of 1)

Would you like to experience a tropical environment filled with exotic animals from all over the world? Do you like kayaking and experiencing nature? If you said yes, you will absolutely love Brevard Zoo! This zoo is not like any other zoo you have ever been to. Scattered throughout meandering walkways and boardwalks and under the shade of lush tropical foliage are some of the coolest and cutest creatures on the planet. For a small fee, you can even enjoy a guided kayak tour that encircles several exhibits keeping you only feet away from some very beautiful and majestic animals.

Brevard Giraffe & Friends (2 of 1)

Brevard Flamingo (2 of 1)

Brevard Creature (2 of 1)

If you get the chance to come to the zoo don’t forget your camera! Nestled within every exhibit are some of the most photogenic creatures on earth which makes it perfect for novice photographers like myself.

Amuzing Emus (2 of 1)

Bravard Aviary Yellow  (2 of 1)

3 Pink Birds  (2 of 1)

One of our favorite exhibits was the aviary. Walk in and enjoy an up close and personal encounter with some of the most vibrantly colored and beautiful birds you have ever seen. Seed and nectar can be purchased for a nominal fee and you can hand feed these amazing creatures. They will come right up to you and land on your hand and even on your head if you are still, quiet, and calm!

Lisa Feeding Birds  (2 of 1)

Bravard Lisa (2 of 1)

Kayaking at Brevard Zoo feels like paddling right through an African waterway. There are herds of animals just feet away, giving you lots of photo opportunities. Just be careful not to get your camera wet! Towering high above you toward the end of the trip you can enjoy the graceful presence of wild giraffe. It doesn’t matter how in shape you are either as it is a short and virtually effortless trip that I rate as extremely easy. The pace is slow which is perfect for soaking in all the beautiful sights!

Brevard Zoo Impala (2 of 1)

Be sure to spend some time over at the Meerkat exhibit as these are some of the cutest mammals you will ever see. These industrious little creatures are always busy digging and scurrying about but when they make time for relaxation it is definitely cute to the core.

Brevard Meercats (2 of 1)

Meerkat at Brevard Zoo 2 (2 of 1)

Meerkat at Brevard Zoo (2 of 1)

Brevard Meercats Dirty (2 of 1)

Even on the hottest and brightest days Brevard Zoo is the perfect destination. You can always find refuge from the sun under the lush canopy above. You can also cool off in the hurricane simulator if you are brave enough!

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