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How a Travel Backpack Changed the Way I Travel

Have you ever been at the airport watching backpackers getting stressed out with all their luggage? The staff at check-in won’t let them take their oversized bag onto the plane. The traveler starts to argue but they know there’s nothing they can do but pay the fees and let their bag go.

It must suck, right?

I’ve been in that in that situation before and it’s not pleasant.

We all like traveling and keeping our belongings to a minimum can be challenging, especially if you’re a digit nomad. Large backpacks are heavy to carry around, inconvenient and can cause unexpected problems.

I was tired of all the hassle and so I invested in a professional, high-end backpack that changed the way I travel.

What is a Travel Backpack?

A Travel Backpack is a bag that combines a suitcase, backpack, and shoulder bag in one. You have the choice to carry it on your back, over your shoulder, or in your hands. They’re also extremely spacious and lie flat when they’re empty, which makes them easy to store. This gives you several advantages over a normal one and gives you the flexibility and versatility that you need.

The Main Advantages of a Travel Backpack:

The biggest advantage for me is the convenience. It’s easy to move around and carry on public transport. You’re certain that it fits perfectly as carry-on. And you won’t need to pay any unexpected fees when you arrive at the airport.

You can use this bag for any occasion that ranges from down and dirty traveling to carrying it into a job interview. All you do is clean it and attach the shoulder strap. It instantly transforms.

Everything is water-resistant and you’re safe in knowing that your possessions will stay dry. Other bags claim to be, but in reality, they’re not.

How a Travel Backpack Changed to Way I travel:

First of all, I can now put everything into one bag. No longer do I need to squeeze everything inside so that it fits. The compartments help you organize everything for easy access too.  One section is specifically for laptops and electronics whereas others are for clothes, shoes, or even important documents.

The next way it helps me is that I have more time and less stress. I only have to worry about keeping one item safe from pickpockets rather than several. All my attention is guarding this instead.

And, passing through airport security is fast and easy. Rather than standing and searching frantically for my electronics and the things I need to remove, I just simply pull out the electronic compartment and place it in the tray. This has the added benefit because it reduces stress and it frees up your time to get some work done or have a coffee whilst you’re waiting for the plane!

The Takeaway Message:

Traveling is fun and an unforgettable experience. But, it may be unforgettable for the wrong reasons. Don’t be that person who’s stressed out and can’t find the things that they’re looking for. Get a travel backpack and save yourself all the hassle and inconvenience.


  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    Thinking about trying this for short trips. It makes sense.