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Top Tips to Make Your Summer Picnic Food Fabulous

Top Tips to Make Your Summer Picnic Food Fabulous

Top Tips to Make Your Summer Picnic Food Fabulous

Nothing is more perfect on a mild summer day than taking your loved ones out to the park for a fun family picnic. All you need is a blanket big enough to fit everyone, some cold drinks, and easy food that won’t spoil in the hot weather. If you want to make your summer picnic great, it’s important to plan ahead and pick ingredients that can deliver in the taste department and can also be packed up easily. Here are the top foods to make and take for your picnic party.

Chips and Salsa

For an easy way to get a little bit of spicy crunch to start the festivities off, bring a bag of tortilla chips and a couple of jars of tangy salsa. Chips and salsa don’t require any additional utensils, especially if you bring along a sturdy tortilla chip that can scoop up the ingredients. If you want to make it a little healthier, consider making your own salsa. Simply mix together some diced tomatoes from the garden, along with onions, corn, and cilantro to create a fresh option for your picnic pals.

Fruit on Sticks

For portability and convenience, you can’t go wrong with fruit on a stick. A great option for the kids is to slice up a watermelon into perfectly portioned triangles and pop onto sticks. Store in the fridge in a large freezer bag until it’s time to head out for your picnic. Watermelon can not only cool everyone off, but it can also provide benefits such as increased circulation, a reduced risk of cancer, and a stronger heart.

Tomato Sandwiches

When it’s in the middle of summer, many people have a bounty of ripe tomatoes that are ready to eat. One option for even the hottest of days is a fresh Caprese sandwich. Start with your ripest tomato, cut into slices. Then, add thick pieces of fresh mozzarella cheese, such as buffalo milk mozzarella, and place in between a few thin leaves of basil. Top your sandwich with a drizzle of olive oil and a few sprinkles of salt and pepper. Using a crusty bread, such as ciabatta or a section of a baguette, can make your sandwich even tastier.

Grilled Zucchini

To include even more vegetable sides in your picnic, consider grabbing some seasonal zucchini for your spread. The night before your picnic, fire up the grill. Then, take your zucchinis and cut them into halves. Brush each half generously with some olive oil, and then season with salt and pepper or another preferred spice. Set on the grill and brown a few minutes on each side. Then, add a drizzle of balsamic vinegar to give it a little bit of zest. Bring along plenty of napkins for this tasty add-on.

Deviled Eggs

Another traditional side that is usually at most cookouts or family reunions are deviled eggs. These hearty bites can withstand the warm weather in most situations without losing the flavor. You need to prepare the eggs at least a day before, so you can take them along with you on your picnic. Simply go through the process of making hard boiled eggs. Once your eggs are cooled, peel and scoop out the yolks. Mix them together with paprika and other seasonings to create the characteristic flavor. Pipe the yolk mixture back into the whites and top with spices to finish.

Potato Salad

Upgrade your potato salad this summer by going beyond the standard recipe. Choose a different variety of potatoes than the usual, such as red-skinned or sweet potatoes, for something a little different. Include colorful additions such as capers, dill, or tarragon to make it even more delicious. Swap out the traditional mayonnaise for something a little more unique, like Just Mayo from hamptoncreek foods. With many different mayo flavor varieties, you can create something new and innovative instead of the tried and true.

Oatmeal Bars

For dessert options, you want to avoid messy chocolate, which could make cleaning up a disaster. Try something easy and nutritious based on wholesome oatmeal. You can make an oatmeal dessert bar ahead of time, and please everyone in your party. Pick any type of ingredients to add into your bar batter including strawberries, coconut, brown sugar, or sunflower seeds, and bake the day before.

Keep the fun going with an easy summer picnic at the park. Pack up convenient and healthy foods that everyone is sure to enjoy. Make your summer moments even greater with these simple foods to make ahead of time and take with you.


  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    I love everything you mention in this post. Now I am craving tomato sandwiches and potato salad.

  2. I liked every dish, except eggs