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Top Reasons Top Tech May not be the Best Choice for Your Aging Parents

Modern technology has been a godsend for most of us. It’s made everything from school to shopping easier to do and everything is now at the tip of your fingertips or the swipe of a mouse. However, it’s not as easy for your aging parents to learn as you might think. Between the prices of devices like smartphones and the confusing way they are set up, it’s no wonder that many seniors are confused and give up on the top tech before they ever even get started. Below you will find some of the reasons that the top tech, especially the smartphone, could be too confusing for your aging parent to handle.

But Are There Alternatives?

If your parents are older, then simple is what they are used too. That’s why Jitterbug smart cell phones could be the answer to the confusion that normal smartphones cause. The Jitterbug is a simple phone for seniors who grew up when telephones still had wires. It’s affordable, easy to use, and will give your aging parents a connection to the outside world when they need it.

The Price

When it comes to new tech for your parents, Smartphones, the price is something that comes into play a lot. A good smartphone is going to run at least $100 or more and the cheapest plans on the market are usually upwards of $40 or more. This is hard to work into a budget for someone who is living on a fixed income.

The Keypad

The keypad is another problem when it comes to your aging parents and using a smartphone. Many times, their aging eyes have a hard time seeing the tiny buttons on most cell phones. It’s also harder to press the numbers on those phones. There are alternatives out there that have large lighted keypads, you just need to research and find the right one for your aging parent’s needs.

Surfing the Net

While many seniors have taken to the internet with ease, there are some that barely understand how to do it on the computer. Smartphones don’t make it easy to surf the net or to do shopping on the phone for seniors. It’s best to go with a different type of phone for surfing the net if your aging parent is not internet savvy.

Pictures and Numbers

Most seniors would prefer a cellphone that is easy to store the many pictures of the grandkids they want to take. Some smartphones don’t make it easy to take or store your photos. In many cases, finding out how to favorite a number takes an act of Congress even for those of us who are used to modern state-of-the-art tech. If you have a problem with it, you can imagine your parents will as well.

These are just a few of the reasons that the top tech in today’s world, especially as it pertains to smartphones can be confusing to seniors. Luckily, there are other options out there. Just do your research carefully and you will find the one you want for your aging parents.



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