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Top 5 Most Travel-Friendly Careers

Top 5 Most Travel-Friendly Careers

One of the most burdensome aspects of having a long-term career is that you have to pick a permanent place of residence and a city that you’ll live in the entire time you work at that location. Of course, there’s the option of the “work from home” jobs or online work, and those can certainly be travel-friendly, but not in the sense that you can easily move to any city and be stably employed within that city, even if your online income is steady. Aside from the obvious entrepreneurial genres, what about conventional careers that are conducive to travel and seeing new places? Consider the following five career types if you’re the type who doesn’t like to be held down by geographical boundaries:

1. Registered Nurse

Registered nurses with experience and a masters of science in nursing can go to almost any major city and instantly be eligible for a stable job at a healthcare facility within 50-100 miles. There are more than a quarter million job ad postings for RNs posted every year, and out of those 250,000 job openings all you have to do is land one. Plus, you can earn a nursing degree online in just 2 years.

2. Archaeologist

Archaeologists are frequently flown to exotic locations to uncover ancient artifacts, fossils, and all sorts of interesting things. You could find yourself in Egypt one week and then in South America another – it all depends on the organization you’re working for and the assignment you’ve been given. Independent archaeologists have the most fun because they get to choose which sites they visit at any given time but regardless of who you’re working for this profession carries many unique advantages.

3. Athletic Recruiter

Athletic recruiters get to travel to schools and universities around their state or region, and some even travel around the country to scout new athletic talent. Not only do you get to watch sports for a living, you also get to see plenty of new places with travel expenses covered and you’re involved in an exciting industry where you have the opportunity to participate in the drafting of a future superstar athlete.

4. Pilot or Flight Attendant

As a pilot or flight attendant you’ll be flying to cities around the world, and in between flights you’ll get to spend a little time at each place. Eventually you’ll have plenty of traveling memories thanks to your job working for an airline. Plus, these jobs pay well and you can have a home base just about anywhere within driving distance of a major airport.

5. Truck Driver

Truck drivers travel around the country and have a chance to see plenty of sights and scenery along the way. Still, it’s important to remember that you could be driving for long hours and there’s a good chance you won’t be making your own schedule. Even so, you’ll receive a decent salary and it’s a great position for someone who enjoys driving and being out on the open road.

Other Ideas

Aside from the above five recommendations, why not consider travel photography, tourism guide services, freelancing, or another entrepreneurial route. You can also pursue a degree for one of the aforementioned careers online, such as a master of science in nursing. As a self-employed individual you have certain freedoms in terms of where you work, especially if your job is based online, so having the same freedoms during your education is convenient.