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Top 5 Renovation Projects To Tackle Before Selling Your Home


So you have decided to put your house on the market. That’s a pretty major decision in and of itself, but unfortunately, you now have a number of other decisions — most of them important — to make, and quickly. What will your asking price be? Should you go it alone or enlist the help of a real estate agent? Which repairs and renovations do you absolutely have to complete before selling the home, and which ones aren’t that important? While we can’t help you put a dollar value on your house, we do have some answers to that last question, so keep reading to learn more!

The Quickest Fix of All

The first reno project on our list is simple, relatively inexpensive, and incredibly effective when it comes to giving your home curb appeal. It’s a plain old paint job.

Inside your home, a fresh coat of paint can really liven things up. If you have any rooms that are painted a bright, dark, or unusual color, repaint them in a neutral tone so that they will be more appealing to prospective buyers. The same goes for rooms that are wallpapered. 

An exterior paint job is a slightly bigger investment, but still worthwhile if your home is looking a little shabby. Again, you’ll want to stick to inoffensive colors like white or off-white, pale gray or a very light blue. 

Beautify the Bathroom

Another renovation that will net you a decent ROI is a bathroom makeover. Even small projects in the bathroom can really boost the perceived value of your home to buyers. 

Consider replacing the vanity or installing floor-to-ceiling shelving. Install a new tub if yours is looking a little worse for the wear. Give the loo a fresh coat of paint, install fixtures that provide flattering light, and opt for some updated hardware — towel racks, faucets, cupboard and drawer handles, and doorknobs can have a surprising effect on the ambiance of a room. 

Draw the line at luxury touches like an ambient heated floor, walk-through shower or spa-style bath, however. Experts say these actually have less appeal than you would think and therefore aren’t worth the effort — or the expense.

To Roof or Not to Roof?

Let’s face it — a new roof is a major investment. The national average cost of a new roof is just under $5K, but of course it can be much higher. It may feel painful to even contemplate shelling out that much money for a house you’ll be vacating soon, but the payoff can be worthwhile if you play your cards right. After all, imagine the buyer’s perspective: few people are likely to pay top dollar for a home only to then invest several thousands more for a roof replacement.

“Depending on the roofing materials, the climate where you live, and other factors, the average lifespan of a roof is about 20 years,” says an expert at Guardian Roofing, a company that provides roof replacement in Houston. “If your home is nearing the end of that lifespan and you want to put it on the market, a new roof can be a huge selling point.”

Increase Energy Efficiency

Another way to improve the saleability of your home is to make it more energy-efficient. This is another perk that buyers look for and appreciate. Whether it’s sprucing up the insulation to minimize heat loss, replacing any leaky or drafty windows, or installing EnergyStar-certified appliances, taken steps to improve energy efficiency will pay off when it comes to your purchase price.

A New Floor Will Net More

Flooring is a major component of a home’s value and character, so it stands to reason that replacing existing floors can give the home a much-needed makeover. That’s especially true if the floors are covered with grungy old carpet or dated, worse-for-wear linoleum.

While some flooring fashions go in and out of style, hardwood floors are always desirable, so you can’t go wrong with installing those (or refinishing the current ones as necessary). But don’t discount vinyl flooring altogether. There are some styles now that are incredibly attractive in addition to being affordably priced. Laminate wood-look floors are also a great alternative.

Sprucing Up a Home to Sell

Many homeowners are tempted to simply sell their home “as is.” It’s understandable, too; won’t the new owners prefer to choose their own paint color, appliances, flooring type, or roofing materials? But believe it or not, investing some money in renovating certain aspects of a house can really pay off in the long run by making it much more appealing. Just do your research so that you know what fixes are worthwhile, and which are wasting your money.


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    Some good advice when you are getting ready to sell.