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Top 14 Hand Tools Every Man Should Have In His Toolbox

Top 14 Hand Tools Every Man Should Have In His Toolbox

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You don’t have to own every tool in Sears to be able to fix your own stuff. There are lots of tools that you simply may just not need. To be prepared to tackle most projects you will find yourself working on around the house or in the driveway you should at least have these 14 tools. Tools by themselves won’t make you a repair man or mechanic but they sure make life easier when you have the right ones.


  1. Wrenches are a must have if you are doing any mechanical work. Having at least a set of SAE and metric wrenches you can perform a variety of tasks like change your oil and replacing parts on your car. There are lots of different kinds of wrenches out there but the average man doesn’t need them all. Sticking with at least a set of 6 point boxed end wrenches will get you through most projects.

craftsman wrenches

  1. Sockets are also a must have for mechanical type work. Without the right size socket you can find yourself in a world of hurt. Always keep your sockets organized so you can find them when you need them. I like putting mine in magnetic trays. There are many different types of sockets out there, I recommend getting a set of SAE and metric in 3/8”, ¼”, and ½” drive.

 craftsman sockets

  1. Universal joints are great for tight areas and weird angles. You should have a set of universal joints or swivel sockets in every drive.

craftsman universal socket

snapon universal sockets

  1. Extensions are just about as important as sockets in your toolbox. With just a ratchet you may spend hours trying to take something apart and even find a lot of tasks impossible. Extensions will give you just the reach you need. I recommend purchasing a set for every drive you own.

 craftsman extensions

  1. Ratchets are also staple items you should have in your toolbox. You should have a ratchet that matches every drive socket you have. Having a flex head ratchet like this one can make your life a lot easier.

 craftsman flex ratchet

  1. Whether you are working around the house or on your car you will eventually need to beat something with a hammer. You’ll need a claw hammer for around the house and a ball peen or mini sledge hammer for automotive application.

 dead on true temper hammers

  1. Unless you want to work on a project all day I strongly recommend getting a few power tools like a drill and a 3/8 impact driver. Don’t forget to get some good drill bits to go with the drill.

makita drivers

  1. Sometimes you either just can’t or shouldn’t use power tools for a particular job. Sometimes a simple Flat-head or Phillips screwdriver is all you need to get the job done. Every toolbox should contain a decent set of (ideally) magnetic tip screwdrivers.

 craftsman screwdrivers


  1. There are many different types of pliers but every toolbox should at least have some flat-nosed and tongue and groove pliers.

 channel lock pliers

  1. When you are taking things apart keep in mind you have to put it back together. Magnetic trays are perfect for keeping all of your nuts and bolts in one place. There are few things worse than losing your nuts and bolts.

 craftsman magnetic trays

  1. It is always a good idea to keep a magnetic pick-up tool in your toolbox. Whether you are clumsy or not you are eventually going to drop a screw or something in an unreachable place. Magnetic pick-up tools can save you a lot of time and frustration.

 craftsman magnetic pickup tool

  1. It’s hard to work on things you can’t see. Having light is important, especially if you drop something and can’t see it. Always keep a flashlight in your toolbox to shed some light on the situation. Under hood lights and drop-lights are great when you are working in your driveway.

makita flashlight

under hood light

  1. Sometimes you just need to pry on stuff and a screwdriver won’t do. Rather than mess up all your screwdrivers, get a set of pry bars. A good set of pry bars can get you out of a tight spot.

 craftsman pry bars

  1. Mechanics gloves can save you a lot of skin off your knuckles. Even a cheap pair of gloves, like these Gator Grip gloves, can protect you from getting burned and make it easier to grasp slippery bolts and nuts. Every toolbox should have a pair of gloves.

gator grip gloves

Having the right tools for the job can make all the difference in the world. Without the right tools you will probably end up breaking things. There are a lot of simple projects just about any guy can do given the proper tools. While these 14 tools are certainly not all the tools you will ever need, they are defiantly a good start. Remember, more tools = more fun!

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