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Toilet Talk – Benefits of a Bidet

Toilet Talk – Benefits of a Bidet

Why don’t we use bidets? A bidet cleans you with water and water is a much better way to clean than with tissue.  Would you take a shower with toilet tissue? Of course not.  Why are our hygiene standards so far behind the rest of the world? These days and times especially in our health conscious society, you would think talking about the cleanliness of your perianal region would be a little less taboo. Amidst our world abounding with hand sanitizer, I think there is plenty room for the bidet and here are a few reasons why:

  • Bidets clean away harmful and potentially disease carrying bacteria left behind by toilet paper. Water has long been known to reduce more bacteria than paper, it’s science, so why aren’t we using it?  You wouldn’t wipe down a dirty counter with just a paper towel, so why trust toilet tissue alone?
  • Using a bidet can also provide more of a hands free experience which is useful for avoiding bacteria typically found on surfaces just waiting to smear themselves into your life. Hands free also means that while the bidet is doing its thing you have more time for checking/sending Tweets or your email or whatever it is you do on your device in the bathroom.
  • According to research, using a bidet is better for the environment than using toilet paper. It is estimated that one in seven trees we cut are being flushed down the toilet. Just think of all trees we could save if we simply used water to clean our butts.  You can find more ways to conserve water by reading Cheap and Easy Ways to Conserve Water and Energy.
  • Americans used an average of 23.6 rolls of toilet tissue per person in 2008. Think of the money you could save on buying toilet paper every year if you slow your roll and switch to a bidet!
  • Since the integration of the toilet and bidet, owning one has never been easier. You no longer need to call a plumber as virtually anyone should be able to install a toilet seat.
  • For people with disabilities and the elderly, bidets are a much more hygienic option. No need to try and reach those hard to get to areas, the bidet will do all the work for you and leave you much cleaner.

Considering all of the possible benefits of the bidet why haven’t they caught on here? I think people for the most part stick with what they know and are comfortable with. Nobody really knows why bidets aren’t more popular in American culture. Whether it is because in the early days bidets were associated with brothels or simply due to our smaller bathroom sizes we can only speculate. I think people just need to roll up their sleeves and get down and dirty with some toilet talk and really give some serious thought to purchasing a bidet.

Would you use a bidet?



  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    I would sure like to try one.

  2. I’d love to have one. I like how bathrooms in europe usually have them.