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The Tireless Traveler: Cost-Effective Winter Outdoor Holidays

The Tireless Traveler:  Cost-Effective Winter Camping
photo credit: Michael R Perry via photopin cc

photo credit: Michael R Perry via photopin cc

If you live in a place like I do, you’ll be familiar with the trend of saving up through the winter and going on your outdoor holiday through the summer.  Unfortunately, it’s not just you and I who know this, so the tourism industry hike up prices as soon as the sun starts to shine, meaning that what should be an affordable family trip turns into a cost catastrophe.

A good way to avoid this is to go on holiday during winter, but the bad weather is a strong deterrent.  There are ways to minimize these issues, however, so that your fun family trip can go ahead at a more affordable time of year.

Caring For Your Tent

Camping is one of the cheapest ways of travelling and you can easily find tents big enough for your whole family.  If you already have a tent, ensure it has a separate groundsheet and inner lining which is completely intact.   This will ensure it is totally weatherproof.

If you’ve yet to buy a tent for the winter months, don’t avoid spending a lot of money. Sleeping in sodden bedding is completely miserable, so get the best quality tent you can afford.  There is also a waterproof scale to help you.  The scale runs from 1000 mm to 3000 mm, but you will need a tent which can withstand at least 2000 mm of rain.

The Clothing Conundrum 

The colder weather will mean that you’ll need to wear more layers when you’re outdoors, but I like to think that doesn’t mean you need to spend more.  In fact, any good specialist outdoor retailer like e-Outdoor will have a sale after the summer season to clear out their stock, just in time for you to swoop in and make a couple of well-timed tactical purchases.

Cheaper Travel versus Closed Attractions

When I go on outdoor holidays, I still like to take my family to a few attractions.  The problem is that in winter, many of them close down due to a drop in visitor rates.  This can be a real benefit to you in certain respects because the places that do remain open will be cheaper to get into.

If you’re looking for a list of attractions, you could check out this site which will give you some starting pointers.

Ultimately, winter outdoors holidays are a solid solution to the problem of summer holiday pricing hikes.  So if you’re looking for an affordable family holiday, certainly don’t dismiss the idea.