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Tips On Home Improvement Murals and Wallpaper Designs

Photo Credit: J4U Pixabay


Wallpapers have a history dating as far back as the 1400s, with tapestries and paneling evolving into the current designer and textured wallpaper. With today’s tremendous options, the choice of designer wallpapers and the way it is used influences the overall decorative scheme in a big way. Wallpaper designs can be used alone or in conjunction with coordinating borders or colorful murals.


Like paint, wallpaper requires proper surface preparation before application. Additionally, wallpaper is not suitable for all areas. For example, bathroom wallpaper may deteriorate rapidly due to excessive steam. Proper preparation includes the repair of any defects in the drywall or plaster and the removal of loose material or old adhesives. Accurate room measurements (length, width, and height) along with a number of window and door openings is essential for ordering wallpaper. Large drops, or repeats, in a pattern, can be cut and hung more economically by working from alternating rolls of paper. Paper is sold (with very few exceptions) in window-shades. Besides conventional installation on interior walls and ceilings, wallpapers have been deployed as decorative covering for hatboxes, bandboxes, books, shelves, and window shades.

Murale design is the leader in custom printing. Below are ways in which wallpaper enhances any room design;

  1. Dictates style: While wall color encourages mood, designer wallpaper design does this and a bit more. Visually, it offers a direction towards a particular style. A damask print perfectly denotes a traditional bedroom just as a honeycomb one does for a contemporary dining room or an ikat one for a global style living room. Whether bold or subtle, wallpaper is sure to make a style statement.
  2. Brings in nature: Adding an element of nature is not limited to placing a lovely fig leaf tree in the corner of a house. Sometimes, Floral prints can evoke a colorful spring garden in the living room while a verdant fern pattern gives the home office a sense of calm.
  3. Acts as Art: Designer wallpaper itself can act as a work of art. Whether covering an entire wall or framed in pieces, this is a way to infuse a room design with decorative beauty. You can customize your wall in both color and paper with paintable textured wallpaper.
  4. Adds Drama: Without having to invest in expensive art or lighting,  designer wallpaper is a great way to enhance a room design with a bit of dramatic “wow!”. Whether a marbleized pattern with shimmering gold splashes or a whimsical forest motif, wallpaper can really wake up space through color and art.

 Tips that help you choose the Right mural for your home include the following;

– Inspiration: The first thing you should do is get a feel of what is in style and what looks good.

-Samples:  If you are looking to get a large scale piece it is highly recommended to get a sample before applying any peel and stick wall murals.

-Choosing colors: This is an important tip in choosing the right wall decor for your home because you have to make sure not to clash with the other colors in your design.

-Marble wall murals: Marble looks are really in trend in 2019, so get the look you want with these textures without spending that load of cash for the real thing.


Murals designs and homes improvement wallpapers are used these days to make houses, rooms and other places more attractive with our desired views and styles. Choosing the right murals can help in giving your home interiors a boost. In the end, if you choose a wall mural that best fits your personality and suits ur taste, then you’ve done a great thing.


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    I really like the patterned wall paper on one side and paint on the other.