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Tips for Maximizing Space in Every Room in Your Home

Tips for Maximizing Space in Every Room in Your Home

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Your needs and lifestyle might have changed from when you first moved into your home, which could mean you’d like to make some changes. One of those changes might be to maximize your space and better organize your kitchen or bathroom. A few solid tips are all you need to make the most of the space not only in your kitchen or bathroom, but in every room in your home.

The Kitchen

When organizing your kitchen, focus on creating specific zones designed around functionality. For instance, it makes sense to position your stand mixer next to your mixing bowls and baking dishes. You can also set up a zone for breakfast as well as a coffee corner to make it quick and easy for you to get that first cup of the morning with little fuss.

As for storage, nothing beats having swing-out shelves, which also provide for ease of access. If you do decide to go with swing-out storage, make sure you have quality rails to keep everything from sliding all over the place as you’re turning the shelves.

The Bathroom

Rather than going out for extra storage in your bathroom, go up instead with a storage tower. This storage option goes perfectly if you have two vanities in your bathroom, just make sure you have enough outlets for all your shaving and hair-drying needs. Storage towers also make for a great fit over the toilet if you don’t have a double vanity, just make sure you have a railing or a mirrored door on the tower to keep items from going straight into the toilet. As you’re deciding where and how to store everything in your bathroom, keep an eye out for items and objects you hardly ever use and do little more than take up valuable space.

The Living Room

Just like you did in your kitchen, create dedicated spaces in your living room for entertainment, relaxing, reading, studying, blankets and the like. If your living room shelves are crowded, go through them and decide which items you use the most often and make the most sense to be stored on those shelves. Anything that doesn’t belong or isn’t used often can be stored elsewhere for those rare times when you need to pull them out and use them.

The Bedroom

Use under-bed storage containers for out-of-season clothes to free up space in your closet and make it easier to find the perfect outfit for the day. Closet clothes organizers are also a good idea for shoes, jewelry, accessories and the like. You can also give yourself extra storage by using the space at the foot of your bed. Benches, trunks and shelves make for great options for this particular option. For dirty clothes, you can have a designated space in your bedroom if you don’t one in your bathroom. Know that some dressers have built-in laundry baskets you can put to good use.

A well-organized home is sure to bring you peace of mind. Be sure to keep the above ideas in mind while planning your renovations and upgrades.