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You Can Have the Perfect Lawn this Summer for Entertaining

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/TruGreen.

Summer is here! It’s time for beach filled weekends, iced tea, water sports, BBQ, picnics and all the fun things we associate with gorgeous weather. Here at the Samples residence, we have already been enjoying the light breezes from the golf course in the hammock. We also have had our BBQ running for a couple of months and have had the pleasure of entertaining our friends in the backyard with delicious smoked whole chicken and watermelon salad. Life is good!

sugar laying in the hammock

Living on a golf course has its perks; however, it can be hard competing with the gorgeous grounds of the course right in your backyard. We live on the first hole and there is quite a bit of traffic going through our yard. Everyone sees our lawn and therefore it is particularly important to the homeowners association, as well as to us that it looks just as nice. So how do we do it and still have time leftover to enjoy ourselves?


You can have the perfect lawn for summer entertaining with TruGreen Sprinkler Repair & Maintenance.

Last year our lawn really suffered and the year before that was worse. As a matter of fact, we had to re-sod the entire front lawn a little over a year ago because it had died. It was then that we decided that we didn’t know what we were doing. We had an irrigation system but had no clue who to set up each zone for watering. We didn’t know what all the buttons and settings were and honestly, had no desire to read the thick book that it all came with. Unfortunately, since we didn’t know what we were doing it didn’t take long for the lawn to die. Whether we were overwatering it in the winter or scorching it in the summer, it was all hit and miss for us.

Summer Sprinkler Maintenance with TruGreen (8 of 9)

When TruGreen approached us and let us know that they were offering their Sprinkler Repair & Maintenance services in the Orlando market we jumped at the chance to work with them. The initially came out to see what they were going to be working with and it was at that time they discovered that our main control box wasn’t even working. They had to replace it and installed a new rain sensor that was way better than the one that came with the system originally. Once that was complete they took a look at the individual heads, figured out where we needed more coverage and where we needed less. They lined them up so that all areas were getting equal amounts of watering. Finally, they set the watering times that worked according to the water usage laws for our area (Note: I didn’t realize there were even such rules in place.) Now they come out and check the system, make sure the system is working and make any adjustments needed. We don’t even have to be home!

Summer Sprinkler Maintenance with TruGreen (4 of 9)

The cost of this service is much less than we had expected and if you give them a call they will be happy to come give you a quote, at no charge.

The annual Maintenance Plan includes:
  • Spring irrigation opening:  Prepares your system for use in the warmer months
  • Backflow testing:  A mandatory requirement by the State of Tennessee
  • Summer tune-up:  Mid-summer inspection to ensure your system is optimal
  • Pre-winter irrigation closing: Helps prevent cracked and broken pipes during freezing weather
TruGreen Irrigation Guarantee
  • All parts and labor are guaranteed for 2 years from date of installation*
  • FREE spring opening and winter closing during the first 12 months after installation

Summer Sprinkler Maintenance with TruGreen (9 of 9)

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  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    We really need TruGreen for our lawn. I know alot of people that could use their service.

  2. They do a great job! I have to ask – how hard was it to build your fire pit?

  3. Robin Masshole Mommy says

    My husband is completely in charge of our yard. I will tell him about this because it would end up saving him a lot of time 🙂

  4. I’m always striving to get my lawn pretty and green each year. I love that TruGreen has a maintenance plan for keeping the sprinters in tiptop shape.

  5. I wonder if TruGreen can help with the areas of my lawn that won’t grow. I really want a beautiful lawn for my kids to play on and for me to possibly sunbath. LOL

  6. I love beautiful green grass, even though it doesn’t like me. {I’m allergic} We only have a tiny piece of grass so it doesn’t require any work but once we move we will need some TruGreen assistance.

  7. Our yard could definitely use some help. Our neighbors have an irrigation system and their yard is perfectly green.

  8. What a cool company! I need to call and get on that! A beautiful lawn is key to making my house look inviting and beautiful! Thanks for the great suggestion!

  9. Oh how nice. Having an irrigation system helps out a lot. Especially when you’re part of aHOA.

  10. Your lawn looks great…all green and nice! I’ve never had a sprinkling system, mainly because my yard is not really big enough for one, but I can see how this would be very beneficial for those with larger yards, as well as those having to pay HOA fees.

  11. I bet having an irrigation system in the south is a must. Here is Canada, it isn’t too common because of of the short summer season. Your lawn looks beautiful!

  12. The irrigation system can really freshen up your lawn even on dry months. It would make it look more vibrant and still be a good place to hang out.

  13. We live on six acres so the idea of watering the grass is so foreign to me. We just mow when it needs it. But this sounds like a great service. I like that they always keep monitoring it.

  14. Rebecca Swenor says

    TruGreen sounds like a great company. They do amazing work it looks like. Your yard looks gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  15. Living on the top floor of an apartment building kinda makes it hard to have a lawn lol but my parents have one and my dad is in charge he’s diligent with he’s irrigation and maintenance of the lawn

  16. Bonnie @wemake7 says

    This is awesome and will be of a great service to a lot of folks. Thanks for sharing.

  17. I have seen the TruGreen trucks in my neighborhood. Our grass is in a bad shape becuase of the drought here and I’ve been thinking of calling them.

  18. omg my uncle is such a yard guy. he would totally love this. thanks for sharing.

  19. We use TruGreen too!True to their word their products really work!