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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Cheerleading Uniforms

Deciding the kind of uniform that you want your cheerleaders to wear can be quite daunting. You should take into consideration a number of vendors and designers that offer cheap uniform deals. Being a cheerleading coach comes the pressure of selecting the right uniforms.

The heart of selecting the right costumes lies in choosing jaw dropping colors and combining them with the nonchalant style of your team uniform. Before you make any important decisions, keep in mind that your uniforms are a reflection of your team’s standards.

Here are some things that you need to consider:


Always come up with an estimate of how much you are willing to spend. This will help you narrow down your search parameters and find costumes that meet all your unique requirements. Some companies also offer discounts to people who buy uniforms in bulk – this can save you a lot of money.


The importance of choosing the right fabric cannot be understated. Whether you are buying just a few uniforms or for the entire cheerleading squad, you must ensure that the material is flexible and comfortable. Also bear in mind that some fabrics need machine cleaning while others specifically demand hand washing.

Moreover, some fabrics are not durable, which means that you will need to replace your uniforms more frequently. Consider asking the designers right here for advice if you know nothing about fabrics.


Most schools have their own set of standard rules and regulations pertaining to cheerleading uniforms. For instance, the length of the uniform should not be shorter than a specified length. Make sure to stick to those dress codes before selecting the uniforms.


Comfort depends on several things: type of fabric, the way the uniform is made, and the style of the dress. The fabric should be top notch and your uniform should be made to fit each cheerleader’s body type. Whatever you do, do not choose style over comfort – your cheerleaders will end up suffering during practice and cheerleading routines.

Moreover, your costume should not be restrictive – it should allow for a wide range of movements. You do not want an outfit that will that will change it’s shape during the performance.

Visual Flow

Your cheerleading uniforms should have a great visual flow. This means that your audience needs to focus on the face and upper bodice then follow down the body to get the uniform’s full effect. Just make sure to choose a costume that will make the face is the focal point.


Whatever design you settle for should not allow for the undergarments to show through. The design should have a solid construction. That being said, you also need to choose the right type of underwear.

You do not want any errant bra straps, bust pads, or panty lines, peeking out of the costumes. The cheerleaders need to wear undergarments that suppress bouncing and jiggling of body parts. Immodest views of one’s derriere and camel toe should also be avoided.


Choose something that is age appropriate for every member of your squad. If your cheerleading squad consists of young girls, consider buying longer skirts and full-length tops. Avoid materials that are too clingy. Uniforms that seem too mature will distract from the performance and draw attention to the wrong things.


If your team does a lot of jumps and tumbling, opt for a uniform that is flexible and comfortable. Be wary of off-the-shoulder designs and extreme cutouts that are not age appropriate.



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