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Thoughts on Renewing Your Wedding Vows

Thoughts on Renewing Your Wedding Vows


Seems like everyone is getting engaged lately or is it just me?  Fortunately it isn’t anything that I have to worry about since I’ve been married for nearly 12 years now.  However as I recall, finding the perfect place to get married wasn’t an easy task. To begin with I lived in Georgia and there just wasn’t anything that felt right so we ended up driving to some country courthouse in Ashland, Alabama to have our “ceremony”.  I wouldn’t recommend that as an option.

As we get closer to our 15 year wedding anniversary I believe it is high time to do it right.  We are starting to go through some classes at our local church and we plan on doing a Catholic wedding renewal once we are done.  I am not sure where we plan on renewing our vows, but I am sure it won’t be with the justice of the peace at some ran down courthouse.  I was looking for wedding venue locations in Palm Beach and I stumbled across the Boca Raton golf clubhouse at Boca Pointe. I think that’s more our style and it fits in perfectly with our Florida lifestyle.

I have a blogger friend right now who is planning on renewing her vows with her husband and it looks like so much fun planning all the details. I saw a bunch of photos she shared with different wedding gowns and I’m wondering, if you renew your vows do you wear a gown?  Does the white gown versus cream colored matter?  What other things change when you decide to renew your vows or have your marriage sanctioned by your religious faith? Would you get married in a church if you didn’t originally or would an outdoor wedding be better?

There are so many questions.

Any thoughts?


  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    Take your time and don’t rush into anything. No matter when you choose it will be a “summer” wedding.

  2. Everyone should feel like a princess and if you want to renew your vows a10, 20, 25 year anniversary is perfect. Each bridal shop I visited told me they sell less than 10% white gowns. 😉


  3. I want to suggest you that you should have to select a perfect wedding invitation as well to renew your vows.