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Thoughtful Gift Giving Ideas for All Occasions

Gift Giving Ideas for All Occasions

The holidays have passed but gift giving is year round and whether you are giving a gift to your lover for Valentine’s Day or a gift for your boss here are some great tips and gift ideas that you can’t go wrong with…


Ever since my boys were little they got to go shopping for gifts.  Every holiday season we would give them each $20 and bring them to the dollar store with their lists.  It was really quite adorable to see what they came up with for each person. Children are honest and they pay attention to our likes and dislikes much more than we tend to give them credit for.  My oldest son learned early on that I loved candles and all things that smelled like fruit or citrus and every year he bought me a purple candle that smelled like berries. Now that he is over 21 I get those nice candles, but I’m hoping this year for Mother’s Day he thinks more along the lines of the essential oils and burner.

Ultimate-Aroma-Burner-Gift-Set When purchasing gifts the most thoughtful thing you can do when deciding what to purchase? Think about the person. Ask yourself questions such as – what do they like? What hobbies do they have?  What is a common theme in their life? Once you have clues about the person think about purchasing a gift basket.  You can find a basket that fits almost any personality. If a basket is out of the question find something that will elevate tranquility, happiness, and wellbeing. These are all things that everyone wants in their lives.

When gifting corporate gifts it’s a little more difficult than purchasing gifts for friends or family, but if you want to have the reputation of the best gift giver in the office be sure not to give gift cards.  Gift cards are overrated and so impersonal.  Throughout the year pay attention to your co-workers clues.  For instance, is Sally late at least once a week because she got caught in the line at Starbucks?  Is Henry spending more time at the office coffee machine than at his desk? Think coffee related gift basket. It’s a great way to show that you pay attention and it’s personal enough without being creepy.


Do you work in a highly stressful office or profession? If so maybe the right gift is something that helps your co-worker or boss relax.  Have you ever thought of giving a Bonsai tree or an orchid floral arrangement that will never die, but looks amazingly real?


It’s inevitable that almost everyone knows that person in the office who, no matter what you give, will be too good for the gift.  When you have that person it can be particularly hard to find the right gift therefore think classy and go with a gift basket that offers gourmet cheeses and meats with sparkling ciders or wine.  You can’t go wrong when you find a basket that has a little of everything.  Just remember, in order to be the best gift giver in the office you have to listen to what your co-workers and business partners talk about whether it’s coffee, relaxing, golf or fine dining it’s hard to go wrong with a gift basket or plant/flower.


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