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These Changemaker’s Good Deeds will have an “Echo Effect”

Let me introduce you to four brothers strong, making a difference Russell, Weston,  Boman, and Macoy Bills. They are one of the 30 winning submissions from the T-Mobile Changemaker Challenge, a nationwide search held earlier this year looking for teens and young adults who shared a common T-Mobile value, changing wireless for good. As winners of the program, they will join the others to visit T-Mobile Bellevue for a VIP, all expense paid lab and mentoring experience. 

What did they do to win the T-Mobile Changemaker Challenge? They came up with a brilliant idea of changing “Likes” into ACTION! 

What do I love about their idea? I have two sons and this is something they really can get behind and support locally, in Orlando, Florida. With as much time as today’s youth spends “connected” the idea of sharing a selfie of them doing something that gives back sounds great to me. I can’t wait to see what the “Echo Effect” app will look like when the Bills’ boys are done with it.

James volunteering at the animal shelter!

When I was talking to James about what he thought he could do that would make for a good selfie to share as part of his “Echo Effect” he decided he wanted to go to the animal shelter and take some of the dogs out to walk and play. I thought this was a great idea so we headed out to the local shelter and met some of the residents.  This pup wouldn’t give James a chance to do a selfie, she was really curious about his phone though. 

My oldest son loves to volunteer at our local church and this is the way he would make his “Echo Effect”. Here, we took a selfie as we headed toward the church to volunteer working with the kids. 

Just last week CEO John Legere had to make a difficult decision in picking the winner, but after seeing the top six teams pitch he decided they were all winners, and I have to agree. “Echo Effect” was one of the top six and in addition to winning $5,000 from the T-Mobile Foundation he personally donated another $30,000 to the Top 6 Changemaker Challenge teams! The boys from “Echo Effect” will also be returning to T-Mobile to get mentoring from T-Mobile legal, marketing, and finance teams.

How would your children and family make their “Echo Effect”?

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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by T-Mobile.


  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    What a great idea to show young people the value of “giving back”.