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The Ultimate List of Winter Wardrobe Must-Haves

We’re in the thick of the colder months, and this winter has already been a doozy for dipping temperatures and freezing winds. Just because the weather changes doesn’t mean our fashion game can’t stay on point. If you’re looking to switch up your style and create the ideal winter wardrobe, grab these must-haves, make the winter world your runway—and be the envy of your friends and family at all those holiday parties!

The Ultimate List of Winter Wardrobe Must-Haves

Velveteen Dream

Velvet is back in and this sumptuous fabric is one of my guilty pleasures—it’s just so soft! You can find shirts, dresses, even pants in this delicate fabric, and it’s easily paired with basics like denim jeans or even a leather bomber jacket. It’s definitely cheaper than that other decadent winter fabric cashmere (although I will keep dreaming about owning cashmere gloves as the temperatures get frostier).

The Perfect Coat

If you want to look like the epitome of elegance while wrapping yourself up from the cold, then the drape coat is the way to go. It can go over dresses, leggings, jeans, and more; it’s flattering and timeless—Jackie O definitely would have been a fan. You can find them in any color; black and camel will give you a more classic appeal, but there are so many fun bright versions available as well. I’m a huge fan of this wool stunner from Polyvore (I’m a sucker for zippers), but you can easily find a similar option in a local store.

Keep Those Toes Warm

Heels can wreck our enjoyment of an evening completely (Say it with me, ladies—ouch!), but flats don’t always have that sassy appeal we want, especially on a fancier occasion. Well, I’ve got the answer to your fashion woes this winter. Ankle booties are the bee’s knees, and they can completely change the look of any outfit. My favorite part of these style wonders is that they can dress any outfit up or down, and the low heels are manageable while still looking a bit fancier than plain old flats or loafers. You can find ankle booties in pretty much any texture and color. From suede to leather, brown to purple, if you can dream it, you can most likely find it! Experiment with different heel sizes and find your most comfortable fit for a shoe you can rock year round.


Once you have your new outfits selected, don’t forget to pair them with the right accessories! For beautiful pieces that are also socially conscious, check out FashionABLE jewelry. Pair your outfits with comfy scarves for an instant polished appeal (plus a warm neck!) and try some boot socks when you step out in your new booties.

When in Doubt

If you’re having a hard time finding the exact items I suggested, you can’t go wrong with shopping at a modern clothing store online. They curate all the most modern and exclusive products, meaning pretty much anything you buy is going to look amazing and keep you in the ranks of the world’s trendiest fashionistas.

Revamp Your Makeup Routine

Our wardrobe isn’t just about our clothing; to really look polished, we have to pay attention to our beauty regimen and update it when necessary, especially with winter weather doing all it can to wreak havoc on our skin.

Skin Care

Grab the right moisturizer. Winter whips cold winds at our faces, and boy does our skin take the brunt of the pain. Instead of letting your cheeks dry out from the cold, overhaul your skin routine with any of Kiehl’s offerings.

Lipsmackin’ Goodness

As we head into the New Year, use this winter to try out some beauty trends you haven’t dared to before. When it comes to lips, the colder months are perfect for sampling some deeper hues. Maybe you’ll go vixen with a vibrant red, or tap into your inner diva with a royal purple. Whatever you decide, rock it with confidence.

With this arsenal of my winter fashion favorites, you’ll look like a fashionista whether you’re attending a holiday get together, whipping up something delicious in the kitchen, or working hard in the office.