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The Motherhood and TruMoo Talk Round-Up: School Lunches, Nutrition, and Chocolate Milk

If  you didn’t make it to the chat last week with The Motherhood featuring TruMoo you really missed out on great conversation surrounding chocolate milk,  school lunch, and nutrition.  I learned a lot and decided to share it with you in a round-up post.  Not only were we joined by Andrea Carrothers and the wonderful women behind The Motherhood, but the blogger co-hosts brought great questions and opinions to the chat was well.  Check them out if you can: Amy, The Finer Things in Life Amy, Cajun Joie de Vivre Jennifer, Savor the Thyme Shannon, The Mommy Files Kendra, Me and My Insanity Stefany, To Be Thode Cat, 3 Kids and Us

Replacing “Other” Flavored Milk with TruMoo

Andrea said that with all the talk in the media about schools cutting flavored milk from their menus this could result in a drop up to 40% of milk and dairy consumption among kids.  “TruMoo is available in both skim (fat-free) for schools, which meets the proposed USDA school nutrition guidelines, and 1% in retail and grocery locations. In addition to great taste, both varieties have great nutrition, providing all the 9 essential nutrients of white milk with only 10 grams of added sugars per serving.”  I’m not sure about you, but I would rather have my child drink flavored milk than no milk at all!

Healthier School Lunch Options

General consensus revealed that most of our children prefer taking a bagged lunch than purchasing a school lunch anyway so we shared some ideas of nutritious foods we could pack for our kids including PBJ roll-ups on flour tortillas,  pizza on pitas, and whole grain cheese roll-ups.  Many moms are also including TruMoo in their child’s lunch boxes packed in ice packs.

Getting Kids to Eat Fruits and Veggies

Getting our children to eat fruits and veggies is a challenge for most moms.  Since they fear their whole fruits are winding up in the garbage at school “Andrea suggests pre-slicing them so they’re bite-sized and easier to eat.  Providing dips like hummus, yogurt or almond butter can also encourage kids to try healthier food items.”

Cooking with Chocolate Milk

In our conversation we found out many of us were cooking with chocolate milk.  We revealed recipes such as milk shakes (chocolate banana) and chocolate pudding featuring chocolate milk.

Drink Milk for Health and Hydration

This was the most educational part of the discussion for me.  I had no idea just how good milk was for my children.  Yes, I understood the thing about strong bones and teeth, but I had no idea that milk had electrolytes and was a great source for hydration.  I didn’t know that milk had as much potassium as a banana.  I was floored.  Did you know that?

The TruMoo website features the TruMoo Switcheroo, where you can compare flavored milk to other beverages kids commonly consume, like fruit drinks, energy drinks and soda.

More Information about TruMoo

You can find TruMoo in a store near you.  TruMoo store locator: http://www.trumoo.com/store-locator/  “TruMoo does “have a strawberry flavor that’s available in most markets.  It’s got the same great nutrition stats as the chocolate – 130 calories and 22 g sugar (10 g added) in the fat-free and 150 calories and 22 g sugar (10 g added) in the 1%. I should note too that it’s made with all natural colors – the pink color actually comes from beet juice powder!”

Thanks so much to Dean Foods and TruMoo for sponsoring the Talk.

Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by TruMoo in conjunction with The Motherhood.  I was compensated as a co-host but my family and my opinions are our own.