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The Car Tech Trends To Watch Out For In 2018 And Beyond

Those who purchase a Ford Edge or a different vehicle in 2018 will have a number of trends to consider. Maximizing the driving experience is always important and the more we know about what is taking place, the better off we will be.

Whether you are in possession of a used Ford or something a bit more off the beaten path, you are certainly going to want to read on and learn more about the following trends in car tech. Some of these revelations just might surprise you!

The Increasing Role of Blockchain

When it comes to dealing with the amount of counterfeit parts that are allowed to circulate, automotive companies do not always have the chance to put a stop to these types of actions. Thanks to blockchain, this is an issue that can be addressed like never before. While most would not expect blockchain to play a major role in the automotive world, its importance continues to increase by the day.

Blockchain technology brings a certain level of transparency to the proceedings. It is now much more difficult for companies to pass off counterfeit parts as the real deal. Experts now believe that the pricing of automobiles will be affected positively as a result of these innovations.

Autonomous Vehicles

While autonomous vehicles have yet to become an integral part of life for the average motorist, this reality is not far off. It is going to take some time before they are on the roads regularly but motorists need to prepare themselves accordingly. 2018 trend watchers in the world of car tech are definitely watching these processes closely to see what is next.

The benefits of autonomous vehicles are difficult to ignore. Fewer accidents take place when human error is removed from the equation entirely. Passengers also enjoy an increased level of comfort and traffic becomes much easier to manage. These vehicles may not be a part of everyone’s lives yet….but they are going to be.

Digital Communication

The mandate has already been passed down by The Department of Transportation. All vehicles must be able to communicate digitally by the year 2020. Ford Edge drivers will be happy to know that Ford is already taking the correct level of initiative and that progress is being made in this regard. Open platform infotainment systems are in place so that mobile phone users can directly to their operating system.

By the time 2018 has concluded, there are going to be more cars on the road with digital communication capabilities than ever before. Best of all, these communication systems are being developed so that they can be used across all platforms. Drivers can benefit from these systems whether they use a tablet or a smartphone.