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The Best Care is Self Care

In today’s society, taking care of yourself must be your number one priority.  Much negativity surrounds daily life. Mental illness is more prevalent, and many individuals speak out about the dangers of not treating these diseases.  While some individuals battle with biological diseases like anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder, others struggle to get through the day because of immense pressures in their daily life.  Whether you are trying to overcome a diagnosis, or you’re just sick of feeling sad all the time, you deserve to take care of yourself first. They say you can’t pour from an empty glass, so fill up yourself first.  

The Numbers

Mental health affects more individuals than most people realize. Approximately 1 in 5 adults in America struggles with mental illness every year. 1 in 25 adults deals with cases so severe that it hinders their day to day lives.  A hard thing about these statistics is that just 41% of individuals suffering from a mental disorder seek help or treatment of any kind.  If you think about other chronic diseases, such as diabetes, we would consider a patient crazy to go undiagnosed. Diabetes affects 9.4% of the American population, but there are many treatments supported and expected.  So, why do diseases that affect 20% of Americans go untreated so often? You are worthy of taking care of yourself, so never believe otherwise.

Self Care Starters

Some mental illnesses require care beyond simple self-care techniques. In cases like this, we recommend seeing a doctor or a licensed psychiatrist help you get back to being happy and healthy. These tips and tricks are an effective starting ground, whether you struggle with a mental illness, or you just don’t take enough time for yourself.  

Self-care is a rather popular topic in today’s culture. That’s why it is important to start by defining self-care. It is is a broad term that encompasses any activities, including emotional, physical, spiritual, and social, in which you engage to bring yourself happiness. Often, we stretch ourselves thin trying to be perfect for everyone else, while forgetting to take care of ourselves.  Your self-care regimen looks different from that of others. You start by acknowledging your own needs,and feeding those. Take time for yourself, because you can’t take care of anyone else without first feeling satisfied.

Physical Indulgences

Many times, the phrase “self-care” accompanies a mental image of you sitting in a bubble bath with a glass of wine and your favorite book after a long day at work. This is a perfect example of what self care is. So yes, spa packages do qualify for valid treatments!  Often, anxiety or depression affects not just our brains, but our bodies, as well. If you’ve had a trying day, there are simple physical exercises and sensory activities in which you can engage to feel better.  Practicing yoga, cuddling under a comfy blanket, or taking a moment to relax by yourself are all healthy options. These are simple ways to add some positivity to your day. You can take a breath knowing that that time is all your own.

Social Self Care

Taking care of yourself doesn’t have to be something you tackle all on your own, as ironic as that may sound. Sometimes, having a good old-fashioned night out with friends helps pull you out of a rut. It is important to find times to laugh together. If you struggle with the weight of the world on your shoulders, we can’t promise it will go away after just one night out. Try taking the time to put on those crazy light up glasses and sing karaoke with friends.  

Non-judgement is the number one key to taking care of yourself. If you’re lucky, you have great friends who always create an environment of acceptance for you. However, you must also accept yourself, as well. You are not broken or a burden because you struggle. You are human.  You are loved, and worthy of having some fantastic friends and experiences.

Find A Safe Place

When you battle anxiety or depression, sometimes the mundane feeling of your home can put you into a funk that’s hard to shake. The mediocrity of spending each day in the same way can be overwhelming. When you start to feel down about your surroundings, feel free to switch it up.  Today, instead of staying home after work, check our a cool new coffee shop. Or, maybe you want to join an organization, like the Easton, PA country club, and enjoy some fresh air while trying your hand at golf. Maybe you can find swings at the park built for adults, as well as children, so you might decide to check them out. Having a place to go to regroup and re-energize is often beneficial to your self-care.  

Sometimes, a safe place goes beyond your hometown. If you’re struggling, and you need a change, you can take a vacation for yourself. Many workers don’t use all their personal days off during the year, but you can take advantage of their purpose — to take personal time off for you!  Check out those places to see of Florida’s Gulf Coast, or the beaches of North Carolina. You’ve earned a vacation, and you deserve it.  

You Are Enough

The best piece of advice to give regarding self care is to remember that you are worthy of taking care of yourself.  Everyone on this earth has their own unique and important story to add to this world, so take the time to remember yours. If you feel low, or if you are working through a mental disorder, you are still a valuable part of society. You are enough, and never forget it.