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The 4 First Steps You Need to Take When Involved in a Car Accident

Car accidents generate hundreds of dollars in property damage and medical costs. The injuries sustained by victims open the door to a legal claim when insurance coverage isn’t available. Victims that want to proceed with legal action must follow specific steps after the accident happens. Here are the 4 first steps you need to take when involved in a car accident.

  1. Call Law Enforcement

Call law enforcement as soon as you can. Law enforcement officers arrive quickly after an accident and secure the scene. Drivers involved in the accident are less likely to attempt to flee the scene with officers present. The officers investigate the entire accident and determine how it happened.

Highway patrol officers generate an accident report detailing all parties involved in the accident and how they believe the accident happened. All parties involved in the accident are interviewed by the officers. Any party that needs emergency medical attention is taken to a nearby hospital or medical center for treatment. All vehicles that aren’t operational are towed from the scene.

  1. Exchange Information with Other Drivers Involved in the Accident

All parties involved in a car accident should exchange insurance information while on the scene. After you have left the scene, the other party is not required to give you their details. However, if you are injured and unable to speak to another party, then an exception is made. The information you need includes the driver’s name, insurance carrier, and their policy number.

Victims of the accident have the right to contact the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier. If a victim is compensated through an insurance claim, then a legal claim isn’t necessary in most cases. To read through laws about auto accidents visit https://bayoucitylaw.com/car-accident/ right now.

  1. Create a Record of the Accident

Creating a record of the accident helps victims maintain a full account of the event. If a lawsuit is filed, then the claimant needs detailed evidence to support their claim. Any information they remember helps the victim present a more effective case in court.

It is recommended that they write down the make and model of all cars involved in the accident. The series of events that led to the accident, and information about the actions of all parties. The victim must also disclose to their attorney if they played any role in causing the accident.

Comparative fault rulings decrease the victim’s monetary award even if they win their lawsuit. Any percentage that exceeds 50% eliminates the victim’s rights to any compensation.

  1. Seek Medical Attention Within Two Days of the Accident

Attorneys highly recommend that all parties involved in an accident should receive medical attention even if they have minor injuries. It is possible for more severe injuries to go undetected for a few days. Medical records from treatment offer victims adequate evidentiary support for their lawsuit.

Car accidents are a common reason for fatalities and serious injuries. Auto owners are more likely to sustain a total loss if either party was driving at a higher speed. Parties involved in the accidents are advised to follow specific steps after the event. First, calling law enforcement secures the scene and provides an accident report for all parties.

Exchanging information with other parties helps victims file insurance claims properly. A full record of the accident prevents victims from forgetting vital details. Finally, attorneys recommend that victims with even the most minor injuries should seek medical attention and obtain medical records to support their claims. 


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