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Techie Tuesday Verizon Samsung GALAXY Tablet Wrap Up

Guess what the #1 app used on the Verizon Samsung GALAXY Tablet has been this week?  If you guessed Angry Birds you are wrong.  That was the second most popular app used by my kids.  I’ll admit it.  I got addicted to Stupid Zombies.  I swore I wouldn’t get involved with all those silly games I see everyone talking about, but I caved in.  I have to say, the GALAXY has been a life saver over the past few weeks.  It is portable and small enough to keep in my purse – I just L.O.V.E.D. it!

I was worried about the plan though.  The main reason I never took the next step in purchasing a tablet was because of the month charge.  I had no idea what type of user I would be and how much it would cost me.  There are several choices you have when choosing a plan.  I found that the 3 GB plan works great for me.  I wasn’t aware until this past week that you can use the WiFi and connect to wireless networks thus using less of your data allowance.  I took advantage of this several times over the past week.  I also found this handy chart you can use to get an idea of what type of plan you might need.

The various tools found on Verizon’s site enabled me to make the best purchasing decision…that’s something really important to me.

I will continue to enjoy my Samsung GALAXY for a long time.  Over the past 3 weeks I never once had a problem with any of the features.  The touch screen is extremely accurate and easy to use.  I wish I could give you some cons about the GALAXY, but I did not experience any.  Be sure to read my first impressions on the GALAXY from last week’s Techie Tuesday.

Disclosure:  I was given a Samsung GALAXY Tab by Verizon in order to facilitate my review.  My opinions are my own.


  1. I got to review a loaner! I loved it too. The pictures it takes is amazing!