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Take Your Garden Party Up a Notch

It’s summer, which means everyone is out enjoying the sunshine and the long, sweet summer evenings. We usually spot our neighbors mowing their lawns, hanging out their washing, playing with the dog and doing a spot of gardening. But during summer – when everyone spends a lot more time outside – it’s easy to feel as if we’re on a show!

You might be enjoying your book in your favorite sunny spot in your garden but having to say an awkward “hello” to your neighbor as they go by with their lawnmower for the third time can really kill the mood. So, with that in mind, here you’ll find some ideas of how you can step up the privacy in your garden and hopefully finish your summer reads undisturbed!

Know your plants

Erecting a fence might seem a little extreme, especially if you get on with your neighbors, but just don’t want them seeing your every move. So, many homeowners opt for well-placed plants and bushes instead. There are lots to choose from, so as a rule of thumb, go with something that grows wide and looks good too – Cypress Trees from The Tree Center are a popular choice, or simple box hedges or firs might be an option too. Head to your local plant nursery to see what’s available and have a chat with an expert. Adding extra plants and shrubbery will make your garden feel more enclosed and private, allowing you to enjoy every second you spend on it.

A seating zone

If there’s only a small section of your garden that needs a little privacy boost, or if it’s impractical to make a boundary and fence/hedge off an entire side of your garden, then why not think a little smaller? If you want a place to relax, sunbathe, work or read then consider a private seating zone instead. You can screen off your seating area very easily, with traditional garden screening, shrubs, and plants, vertical wood or bamboo screens – there are plenty of options.

If you’re looking for a quick fix then a couple of large parasols or garden shades will suffice until you can find a permanent solution.

A water feature

It’s true that a waterfall or water feature won’t affect the visibility into your garden, it will, however, create an ambient sound that works well at blocking out other noise. It’ll make conversations feel a little more private and it’s something to enjoy regardless.

Create a living wall

This might not be an instant solution but creating a living wall to add a little more privacy to your garden will be worth the wait. Whether you erect a pergola, a fence, or row of trellises, growing climbing plants along these will create a living wall that not only looks great but smells great too!  Popular climbing species such as honeysuckle, jasmine, and clematis are the most obvious choices and they’ll look incredible by next summer! The gorgeous scent is an added bonus too!